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Jonathan Van Ness May Be A "Cat Parent," But He Has Self-Care Tips For Your Kiddo

Before sitting down to a phone interview with Jonathan Van Ness recently, I gave myself an especially careful blowout and had my eyebrows shaped. Not that he could see me, of course, but I just couldn't hear his voice in my ear knowing I wasn't putting my best, fiercest foot forward, you know? And while I've certainly learned lots of tips from the Queer Eye star, Jonathan Van Ness, a self-described "cat parent," also has a few solid beauty tips for toddlers. Nobody is immune to his loving thoughtfulness, praise be.

For those of you who have not been exposed to the exuberant, joyful, gracious kindness that is Jonathan Van Ness, please drop everything and watch Queer Eye on Netflix immediately. Van Ness is the beauty and style member of the Fab Five, and he takes his job seriously. Because self-care is important, no matter who you are, even if you're a toddler.

Sometimes I think maybe toddlers think they can get away with anything because of their glowing skin and their cherubic sweetness... but guess what? You've got to take care of that glow. (Or, TBH, their parents have got to take care of that glow.)

Van Ness was generous enough to share a few simple tips with Romper on how parents can protect their toddler's glow during a recent chat about his partnership with Charmin's social media campaign for all Johns and Jonathans to win free toilet paper. Even if he did tell me he's a self-described "cat parent who really only has to worry about taking care of their claws, you know?"

"I think parents might want to use those nice non-chemically products for their babies and toddlers to protect their skin," he tells Romper. "Sunscreen especially."

While the Getting Curious podcast host didn't specify which "non-chemically" skin products he would recommend because he doesn't typically work with toddlers who need a makeover, fortunately there are loads of gorgeous products out there. For instance, Health has a list of top sunscreens for toddlers that are fragrance-free and use mineral blockers only. I'm sure Jonathan Van Ness would approve.

Beyond sunscreen there are loads of other skin care products parents can be using on their babies that aren't chock full of toxic chemicals. Check out these parent-tested natural skin products for babies from Parents and know that Jonathan Van Ness would be cheering you on proudly if he could see you this is obviously all anyone wants in this world.

There's another element of self-care that Van Ness shared with Romper for toddlers. He recommends, "Always carry those wet wipes because they really help." Simple, but oh so true.

To be fair, toddlers can't really take on a whole lot of self-care, so Van Ness is right. Parents need to do their due diligence and take up the flag for their little ones.

We can't look to Jonathan Van Ness to solve all of our daily problems, after all. He's already busy enough making the world a better place with his very existence, and yes I'm gushing but it's all fine.