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Jonathan's Instagram Proves This 'Bach' Suitor Is Into More Than Just Tickling

When you go on The Bachelorette and have your job title listed as “tickle monster” even if you’re a respected doctor, you’ve got to expect some backlash or side glances from those around you. Because come on, how was that the best route to go? I mean, it definitely garnered him some extra attention, but Jonathan’s Instagram proves The Bachelorette tickle monster has more going for him than the desire to randomly wear oversized hands to tickle Rachel and make a name for himself as that weird guy trying to tickle everyone.

In all fairness though, Jonathan has been a lot less "out there" than you would have first guessed him to be with a description like tickle monster. In real life, he seems like he’s all about enjoying the great outdoors and having a good time. Even if there’s no tickling involved.

Jonathan might be a family doctor during regular business hours, but when he’s not treating babies or the elderly, The Bachelorette contestant is apparently enjoys being outside and having fun with his friends. Living in Florida will do that for you though and Jonathan’s perpetually happy nature on The Bachelorette is proof enough that the contestant is as easy going as they come.

When he’s not splashing in backyard pools with his BFF or hanging out at beach restaurants, Jonathan is also apparently spending time with his dog. And on the beach, of course.

Before The Bachelorette’s tickle monster was a clean cut doctor though, he was apparently a long-haired surfer and although Jonathan's Instagram shows this photo of him back in the day, he’s still pretty into surfing. See, if he could find a way to bring that up with Rachel and gain some cool points, the whole tickle monster thing might be forgiven all around.

But his love for the outdoors doesn’t end with surfing or hanging out on the beach. As shown on Jonathan’s Instagram, The Bachelorette contestant is also big into biking, but you’d better believe that it’s something he does close to the beach. As he captioned during what was apparently bike week in New Smryna Beach, Florida, "#getupandgetout #bikeweek #bikecycle." I guess when he’s not tickling, he’s a man of few words, er, hashtags?

Even though he’s currently known as The Bachelorette’s tickle monster this season, Jonathan’s social media definitely paints a different, and dare I say cooler, side of the contestant. Let's just hope he gets to stick around long enough to show that side of himself.