Joy-Anna Duggar's Newborn Daughter Looks So Much Like Gideon Did As A Baby

It hasn't even been a month since she was born, but it's already so easy to see that Joy-Anna Duggar's newborn daughter is the spitting image of her older brother, 2-year-old Gideon.

Last week, Joy-Anna's husband Austin Forsyth shared a photo of his little girl, fast asleep while tucked under a baby blanket. "Can't get over the fact that I have a DAUGHTER," Forsyth captioned the photo shared on Instagram.

And neither can his wife, who told E! News on Aug. 24 that she is so excited about the arrival of their newborn. "To say my heart is full would be an understatement," she told the news outlet. "We have been dreaming of this day and are so happy to announce that our baby girl has arrived."

Their newborn, who they've named Evelyn Mae Forsyth, was born on Aug. 21, weighing 8 lbs., 5 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. "She has the best personality, is easy going, and loves to be held!," the TLC reality star wrote in the caption of the Instagram post announcing her daughter's birth.

Beyond her sweet personality, Evelyn also bears a striking resemblance to her older brother Gideon, who was born on Feb. 23, 2018. In the photo that Austin posted on Tuesday, it's clear to see that they have the same eye shape and nose.

Joy-Anna posted another photo of their daughter to Instagram on the very same day as her husband. "I am at a loss for words so I am just going to say...She is perfect and I love her more than I ever thought imaginable!," she wrote.

When you compare these photos to the first photos of Gideon that Joy-Anna shared to Instagram, it's so easy to spot the similarities between them.

But the siblings aren't totally similar; when Gideon was born, he weighed 10 lbs., 3 oz. and measured at 22 inches long, as Joy-Anna revealed in an Instagram post announcing his birth. The Counting On star labored for 20 hours after initially planning on a home birth with Gideon, according to People, but had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section.

When it came time to give birth to their daughter, Joy-Anna planned on having a hospital birth, and Evelyn was born without any complications, according to E! News.

The birth of their little girl comes after Joy-Anna suffered a devastating miscarriage last year while 20 weeks pregnant. Now that their little rainbow baby is finally here, she told E! News that she is cherishing every single second with her. "She has her nights and days mixed up, and honestly, I love it!," she wrote. "Getting to spend that quiet, quality time with her through the night has been SO special."

Now that little Evelyn is here, the mom of two promised that there would be "more updates to come soon."