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Kate Hudson's Photos Of Her Kids Are Incredibly Sweet

by Annamarya Scaccia

Last week, actor Kate Hudson took to social media to break the news that she's expecting her third child and first with her musician boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. The best-selling author and health enthusiast shared an adorable video of her sex reveal party to her Instagram account, and fans everywhere gasped with joy. But it's not surprising she would post a cute-as-heck family video, because Kate Hudson's photos of her kids are happiness personified.

As the Friday Instagram post revealed, Hudson and Fujikawa, who recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, are expecting a baby girl, according to US Weekly. She made her first red carpet public appearance since announcing her pregnancy, wearing an asymmetrical Stella McCartney velvet slip dress while at a Harry Winston store opening in Hong Kong, Harper's Bazaar reported.

The 38-year-old Almost Famous star didn't reveal her due date in her post, although, if the caption is any indication, she's in her second trimester. That could mean a fall delivery could be on the horizon for the growing Hudson family.

Speaking of family: Hudson is already mom to 14-year-old Ryder, who she shares with her ex-husband, musician Chris Robinson, and 6-year-old Bingham, who she had with ex-fiancé Matthew Bellamy, frontman of Muse. (This is Fujikawa's first child.) And, honestly, they're all too sweet together.

An Easter Get-Together

On April 2, Hudson posted a photo to Instagram of her, her kids, and her extended family on Easter, with the caption:

Easter dinner out and about 🐰#MamasAndTheirBabies 💝

It's a simple family photo, but it's conveys so much happiness.

What Are You Looking At?

Personally, I love taking photos of my toddler son, and will probably never stop snapping shots of him, whether he's 15 or 45 years old. And I definitely expect to see facial expressions like the one of Ryder's face in this photo.

On Feb. 9, Hudson posted the photo of her eldest son, with the caption:

Even the “Mom stop taking my picture” face is still a face I could take a millions pictures of ❤️ #AlwaysMyBaby#RydMan@mr.ryderrobinson

You Call This A Nice Photo?

Holidays in my house usually involve dressing my son up in a costume appropriate for the celebration. It's somewhat of a tradition now (last year, he was an elf on Christmas) that I look forward to continuing, with his consent, of course. But maybe I'll add humorous photos to the mix, like this one Hudson posted to Instagram on Dec. 19. She's wrote in the caption:

My kids interpretation of a ‘nice pic’ in front of the tree... #Earthing 🎄

Spending Time Together

OK, this one just melts my heart. Many of the selfies I take with my son look similar to this one. There's just something about being close to him, smiling and laughing, that makes my heart grow a thousand sizes. Like the caption on her post reads, it really is #purejoy.

Family Love

On Sept. 9 of last year, Hudson posted a photo of her sons with their cousins, Bodhi, Wilder, and Rio, at the race track. It's another simple photo that shows family love. (In case you're wondering, the three other kids belong to her brother Oliver Hudson and his wife, Erinn.)

They Grow Up So Fast

In a little over a month, my toddler son will turn 3 years old. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I mean, he was just this little thing yesterday. And Hudson knows how I feel — on July 10 of last year, she shared this picture of her sons on Bingham's sixth birthday. Hudson captioned the post,

Oh how they grow! Mr Bing Bong turned a big 6 today ❤️ #BirthdayBoy🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Snuggles Are The Best

On July 22 of last year, Hudson posted this sweet "Saturday snuggles" picture of her and her youngest son. Truthfully, though, enjoying a cuddle session with your kid any day of the week is the best feeling in the world. But there's something about chilling on a Saturday that makes it better.

I'm sure Hudson and Fujikawa can't wait to welcome their baby into the world. And I fully expect a lot of adorable Instagram photos.

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