Kate Middleton snapped the sweetest pictures of the royal kids playing with Prince William in honor ...
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Kate Middleton's New Pics Of The Royal Kids Show Prince William In Full Dad Mode

by Casey Suglia

In honor of Prince William's birthday falling on Father's Day, wife Kate Kate Middleton took new photos of the royal kids with their dad, and they're absolutely adorable (of course). But the best part is, they showcase a playful side to the normally formal father of three.

Prince William turned 38 years old on Sunday, June 21, or Father's Day, reported NBC News. In honor of this very special day, the couple released three new photos of Prince William and their kids — 6-year-old son Prince George, 5-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte, and 2-year-old son Prince Louis. In the first photo, which was released on Saturday, Prince William sits on a swing, surrounded by his brood. Every single person in the photo has the biggest smile on their faces, and they all look so laid back in their dressed-down outfits. Princess Charlotte's overalls and sneakers make for one adorable combination, and Prince Louis looks so grown up in his little polo shirt from GAP Kids.

In the second photo, released on Sunday, Prince William play wrestles with the three kids on the ground as they laugh and pile on top of him. Princess Charlotte appears to have her dad in a headlock (showing off that spunky personality of hers) while Prince Louis has his arms wrapped around his big brother in a hug.

These photos are seriously the cutest thing, ever.

Fans of the royal family are so happy to see this playful side to them. "I just love how genuine that family is," one commenter wrote. "I see the happiness in this photo," another commenter added.

Prince William reportedly spent his very special Father's Day having a private celebration with his family, according to People. The couple also posted two photos of Prince William and Middleton with their dads to Instagram for Father's Day.

But it seems like the siblings aren't just having fun with the family outside — they've also been having a lot of fun indoors, too. During a visit to a bakery in Norfolk on Friday, The Belfast Telegraph reported that Prince William told the business owners that his kids have had some fun baking while stuck inside. "The children have been attacking the kitchen and it's just been an explosion of flour and chocolate everywhere," he said.

Whether they're "attacking" the kitchen or just playfully attacking each other, the royal kids look like they're having so much fun this summer.