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Meghan Markle's Gift-Giving Prowess May Be Useful For Kate Middleton's Birthday

What do you get for the wife of the future King of England, a world-class celebrity who likely has everything? That's just the sort of question with which new royal Meghan Markle will have to grapple. Kate Middleton's birthday is coming up and obviously, Meghan Markle will get her a "touching" gift.

Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will celebrate turning 37 on Jan. 9. But it was this time two years ago that Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, met her future sister-in-law for the first time... and brought a super-thoughtful gift that set the stage for Markle's acceptance into the family, according to the Sun.

"Meg had bought Kate a small birthday present — a very smart leather-bound 'dream diary' for her thoughts and ideas which Kate loved," a royal insider friend told the paper.

The UK publication Express added that with Middleton and Markle having spent time together over the holidays, it's likely Markle will repeat her earlier success with a small, thoughtful gift — especially as the two duchesses work together to ease gossip about a supposed "sister-in-law" feud. (As if two women can't work together or be in the same family without stories of a rivalry. Ridiculous.)

The Express added that Markle has a history of giving Middleton thoughtful gifts beyond just the initial dream diary, having given her now-sister-in-law a custom bracelet by jeweler Sofia Day Co. as a thank you for help with planning her wedding last year.

I like hearing positive news about the royal family, instead of negative speculation about divas and dramas. They all seem pretty chill from media appearances, and only Markle has acting experience, so it's not likely the Windsors have one personality for the cameras, and a totally different one off-camera.

Markle also has a thing for finding the perfect, thoughtful gift. In 2015, she told Hello! that when her TV show Suits became successful, Markle bought herself a Cartier watch, engraving it "to M.M from M.M.," but with the plan "to give it to my daughter one day. That's what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them," she told the magazine.

And I think it makes sense that Markle may have charmed Middleton with a small gift, rather than something more over-the-top, since the British royal family is known to not like big, ostentatious presents, according to Business Insider.

The website added that since the royals have easy access to everything they could possibly need, they developed a holiday tradition over the years that consisted of finding small, inexpensive gag gifts to make the clan laugh. (In fact, silly Christmas gifts between Windsors over the years have included toilet seats and shower caps, according to the Mirror)

According to this tradition, it makes perfect sense that Middleton's birthday is probably equally low-key, since she's not wanting for clothes, makeup, jewelry, or anything else a regular mom might put on a wish list.

As for exactly how Middleton will choose to celebrate, the Express added that in previous years, the princess chose to either hang with her parents (in 2009, before their marriage, William came with her to the Middleton family estate for her birthday festivities) or stay at home with the kids, which is what she reportedly chose to do last year when she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Now that Middleton's gotten baby Louis past the newborn phase, she might well be ready to have a night out on the town with Prince William. But regardless of how the family celebrates, the odds seem to be good that Markle will give her sister-in-law that perfect little something once again. I only hope we get to find out later what it was!

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