Katy Perry Says Her Creative Pregnancy Reveal Idea Was Apparently "Ruined" By Her Mom

by Casey Suglia

While her announcement to fans in her new music video went off without a hitch and surprised us all, Katy Perry's creative pregnancy reveal idea meant for her friends and family was apparently "ruined" by her mom. Oops!

The "Fireworks" singer, who announced she's expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom in the music video for her new song "Never Worn White," called in to SiriusXM Hits 1 on Thursday and revealed that she tried to announce her pregnancy to those closest to her with a custom-made wine label.

"I would kind of either bring a bottle of wine with a bespoke label that said it. You have to read the label to know," she said. "I would bring it to a dinner, or something, or give it as a gift to a friend. Like, 'Here's a nice bottle of wine' and they would get the reaction later."

But Perry's mom apparently spoiled the creative surprise for herself while she was perusing through her daughter's vino collection. "She just like, came over, and was just looking at my wine, which she never does, and she's like 'What is this!' And that's how it happened," Perry said. "I guess moms have an intuition unlike any other."

Sure, Perry didn't get to tell her mom the news in the exact way that she had wanted, but at least she was still able to use her super cute idea to tell her.

Perry hasn't revealed exactly how far along she is in her pregnancy, but she did confirm in an Instagram Live video on Thursday that she is due sometime this summer. And now that this is no longer Perry's "longest secret" that she's "ever had to keep," as she put it, fans can only hope that she shares more fun anecdotes about her pregnancy, ruined surprises and all.