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Kaycee Clark Won 'Big Brother 20' & Made History

Kaycee might have been the most loyal houseguest this season on Big Brother. It could have led to her downfall, especially when she took Tyler, another fierce competitor, with her to the final two. But in the end, Kaycee won Big Brother 20 thanks to her social game and the relationships she made with almost every other houseguest. She also made history as the first openly gay female contestant to ever win Big Brother and that alone makes her win even greater.

The last time an openly gay houseguest won Big Brother was when Andy Herren took home the prize in Season 15. Over the past 20 seasons, only six of the winners were women and now Kaycee can be added to that short list. Not only is she an openly gay person of color, but she's also a woman and it's honestly about time the list of Big Brother winners was more diverse.

I can think of no contestant this season who was more deserving than Kaycee. Julie Chen said herself at the end of the finale that Kaycee played an honest game and it paid off for her. Some fans might consider Tyler's combination of a strong social and physical game to have been a better recipe for a win, but Kaycee told the jury that she'd made it a point to develop relationships with everyone in the house.

She said that the season was about "more than just competitions in the game" and that she "loved everyone." Apparently, love trumps all, because Kaycee's devotion to her fellow houseguests is what won the majority of them over in the end.

To his credit, Tyler played a strong game of his own. He played the kind of physical and social game that Paul Abrahamian could have played if he hadn't alienated other houseguests. Kaycee's game was more about making connections with other people, even if she did win several veto competitions in a row toward the end of the season. It was obviously in her best interest though, as those relationships are what mattered the most when the houseguests were sent to jury.

Kaycee made it a point to have relationships with the other side of the house and those are the very same people who voted for her to win. Bayleigh, Sam, Faysal, Scottie, and Rockstar all voted for Kaycee, while the other members of Level 6 stayed true to Tyler instead. I guess it paid for Kaycee to have gone out of her way to get to know the other alliance since the majority of the jury was made up of them.

In maintaining her mostly social game, Kaycee proved that you can take a step back from physical competitions as long as you know how to be genuine with the other houseguests while staying true to your own alliance. She definitely picked the right alliance at the start of the season and if she hadn't had Level 6 behind her, there's no telling what Kaycee's game would have evolved into. The important thing, however, is that she won, and made Big Brother history in the process.