keds bee & the fox collaboration

Keds X The Bee & The Fox Is A 'Pretty Powerful' Sneaker Collection

Chances are that if you grew up in the '90s, you owned more than a few pair of classic white Keds. They were the shoe of the era. Now, millennial brands are revamping some of our favorites, and the new Keds X The Bee & The Fox collaboration is almost too perfect.

Modern graphic t-shirt brand The Bee & The Fox is known for high quality tees printed with sometimes silly, sometimes motivational messages. Modeled after the homemade t-shirts of the 1970s, they're designed with a distinctly vintage style that stands out in the sea of graphic wear. So it's perfect that the brand paired up with classic shoemaker, Keds to bring their designs to an entirely new audience. The two sneaker designs available are bright and cheerful, and perfectly representative of both brands: One is a slip-on sneaker with "Good Hearted Woman" in a hollow serif font on the top of the toe box; the other is a fun, pink, lace-up style with a burgundy block print of "pretty" on one shoe and "perfect" on the other.

These are sneakers that are dying to be worn with a pair of wide leg pants, white tee shirt, and leather jacket. However, they'd look just as hot paired with a pair of cut off jean shorts, yoga pants, or sweats with a mom stain of unknown origin. Rock them however you want, so long as you know that you're beautiful. In fact, you're pretty perfect.

These aren't your Keds from fourth grade. These are upgraded. The soles are thicker and more durable, and the grommets on these will likely never be painted with multiple colors of Sally Hansen nail polish, either. (I can't be the only one who did that.) These are more weighty, more grown up, and I'm here for it. I'm also here for the message. Being a mom is legitimately the hardest thing I have ever done, and so much of what I do goes unnoticed. I love the idea of having a little affirmation on my feet to pep my step.

These sneakers are a bright spot that will make you smile as you slide them on. They're a small reminder of how truly kick-butt you really are. Sometimes, you need that. Plus, they're very versatile, so I can wear them with a sundress or with whatever I throw on to go get my kid at pickup, and still feel at least a little bit put together. Even if I have coffee on my shirt and marker on my arm... my Keds will still be cute.