'Counting On's Kendra & Joseph Duggar Are Expecting Baby #3

The Duggar family is counting on once again. On Wednesday Kendra Duggar announced she's pregnant and expecting her third child with her husband Joseph Duggar.

"We're so excited to announce that we have a tie-breaker coming in February," the Counting On stars told People in a statement. "Baby #3 is on the way!" Joseph and Kendra are already parents to two children, 2-year-old son Garrett and 9-month-old daughter Addison.

It's been a busy three years for the Counting On stars. In December 2017, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child after getting married that September. They then announced in April 2019 that they were expecting their second child, Addison, who will turn a year old on Nov. 2.

The couple told TLC that they are looking forward to having an extra pair of feet running around the house and seeing how their kids react when they meet their new sibling. "We are so excited to see Garrett and Addison's reaction when they meet the new baby," the couple told the network. "Garrett has already been such a loving big brother to Addison and we look forward to Addison's reaction to a life size baby doll."

Since Kendra is due in February, she is about three months pregnant at the moment. The couple said they will be able to find out the baby's sex within a matter of weeks and will finally be able to determine the "tie breaker."

It's likely this won't be the family's final tie-breaker. In 2018, Kendra told Us Weekly that she would definitely have more kids if that is what the future has in store. "We would love to have more kids if the Lord blesses us," she said. "As many as he wants to give us we'll be happy to take them."

Needless to say, the couple is very happy about their little one on the way. "Life is full of surprises and we're thrilled that it is a sweet baby that surprises us this time!," the couple told TLC.

Fans can keep up with their little family and the rest of Joseph's Duggar siblings when new episodes of Counting On air each Tuesday on TLC at 9 p.m. EST.