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Kevin Jonas' Daughter Was Chilly With Priyanka Chopra For The Funniest Reason

It can be difficult to be the new kid on the block, especially if that block is actually a super close family and you're joining in by way of marriage. Such was the case for actress Priyanka Chopra when she was first introduced to her future husband Nick Jonas' family. Some might think it would be a parent who would struggle to welcome a new woman, or a sibling, but no. In this case it was a 2-year-old little girl who was kicking up a fuss. Apparently Kevin Jonas' daughter didn't like Priyanka Chopra at first, and I'm sorry but her reason is totally valid.

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle have two daughters together, 5-year-old Alena and 2-year-old Valentina. In other words, they are pretty young little girls who one might think would be happy to have a new girl in the family. Because it's not like they could have a long, difficult history with anyone, could they? Especially young Valentina, who is only 2 and therefore was just a tiny baby when her uncle Nick Jonas started dating Chopra back in 2017, as per INSIDER. And yet, Valentina was the girl with the problem. As her dad Kevin Jonas told James Corden on The Late, Late Show With James Corden on Monday, she made it clear she had something of a difficult first meeting with this new interloper.

At first, anyhow.

When Corden asked Kevin if his daughters "approved" of the two new women in the family (brother Joe Jonas is set to marry Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner this summer, as Elle reported), the singer hesitated at first, then explained:

They definitely do now. At first it was a little rough going for my youngest daughter, Valentina.

Why, you may ask? Well apparently she's especially fond of her Uncle Nick, as Kevin told the talk show host:

She's very connected to Nick ... But when she met Priyanka, Priyanka put her hand around his shoulder, and every time... every time her hand would go around, and he was holding Valentina, she would just push it off.

In other words, she wasn't down with sharing her one of her favorite guys with an interloper. As Nick sagely (and also rather proudly) pointed out during that same interview:

She's very territorial.

I mean, look how happy she is here with him.

While Kevin told Corden that the whole business became a bit of an "ongoing joke" with the family, Priyanka didn't necessarily love it as much in his opinion. Thank goodness the air seems to have cleared and young Valentina has reportedly lightened up. As Kevin said:

They're cool.

Which is a good thing considering the Jonas Brothers have reunited and already released their first new song in six years, "Sucker," per People. And of course, the video stars all three of their leading ladies, which means Valentina really will have to get used to sharing Nick Jonas with his wife.

The person I feel the worst for in this scenario? Joe Jonas. He was just called the second favorite uncle on television, and that's harsh. Valentina should give him a chance. But who knows? Maybe he is Alena's number one uncle.