KitchenAid Is Now Making The *Prettiest* Ceramic Bowls For Their Stand Mixers

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Certain products are synonymous with brand names, usually because that company was either among the first to manufacture said product or the first to perfect it (tissues are "Kleenex," diapers are "Pampers," etc.). In the world of standing mixers, that groundbreaking, gold-standard name is KitchenAid, as pretty much anyone who likes to bake knows. If you have one, or have ever used one, you understand the allure of this appliance: They work like nothing else, and they look great in your kitchen... especially now that KitchenAid's new mixing bowls are the prettiest ever.

It's a fairly big deal when KitchenAid comes out with something new, as they haven't actually changed their design all that much over the years. Sure, today's standing mixer looks quite a bit different from the H-5 model KitchenAid sold back in 1919, as the brand's website explains, but it looks almost exactly the same as the Model 'K' from 1937. The Model 'K' was the first of its kind to "use a bowl that secured to the base with an interlocking motion," and it was the "first appearance of the now iconic shape" of the KitchenAid on your counter.

No one would ever suggest that KitchenAid should mess with perfection, of course, but people do like a little variety. So KitchenAid finds other ways to keep their customers engaged, by introducing new colors, new patterns... and sometimes, new mixing bowls.

This year, to celebrate a century in the biz, KitchenAid is releasing a new collection of 5-quart ceramic bowls in five different patterns: Confetti Sprinkle, Parasol, Scandi Floral, Whispering Floral and White Mermaid Lace.

"We continue to introduce designs that we know consumers will love," Nikki Lockett, U.S. Marketing Leader for KitchenAid Small Appliances, said in a press release.

"Our new bowls offer function and versatility. With new textures and finishes, makers can continue to seek inspiration in the kitchen by introducing a fresh accessory to their stand mixer, adding their own personal mark."

And they're so cute! Pictured below is the Scandi Floral.


Pretty enough to inspire an entire kitchen reno, right? Or if you're looking for something more neutral that goes with anything, the Whispering Floral might be more suited to your mixing needs:


So romantic for a mixing bowl! KitchenAid is also offering a sneak peek at the Confetti design, which might be my personal favorite, because lately I gravitate toward homewares with happy, cheerful vibes:


Adorable! Looks aren't the only thing these bowls have going for them, though. They're equipped with plenty of highly functional features, too: Both microwave and freezer safe, "you can soften butter, temper chocolate, and harden or cool ingredients all in a single bowl;" they're lightweight, with a pour spout and comfy handle; and they're made from Titanium-reinforced ceramic, which resists chipping, cracking, and staining. Oh! And, in case you were wondering, they're dishwasher safe. Thank heavens.

If you're already a baker, these bowls will make you love baking even more... and if you're not? I have a feeling that owning these bowls would definitely inspire you to try. You spend half your life in the kitchen anyway, so you might as well have as much fun with your appliances as possible.

KitchenAid's new mixing bowls will be available in spring/summer 2019; prices range from $85 to $95.