OMG, BJ's Has The World's *Cutest* Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker On Sale For V-Day

Breakfast in bed is pretty much the ultimate way to celebrate any holiday, but waffles in bed? Oh, Leslie Knope can tell you it's pure magic. There is nothing that sounds more delicious in the morning than a stack full of fluffy, just crisp enough waffles, and when you have an easy-to-use waffle maker, you can make them a daily thing. This Valentine's Day, BJ's heart-shaped waffle maker is really upping the breakfast game. Whether you use it solely on V-Day or to make a dreary Monday morning a little brighter, this waffle maker is going to make all of your breakfast dreams come true. (Seriously, my 4-year-old is going to lose her mind.

Appliances aren't always what they seem. Ask anybody who's ever registered for a wedding, and you'll find that they have a cabinet full of kitchen items they never use. (I have salt and pepper grinders I've never touched.) But a waffle maker? You guys, this isn't a rice cooker or a vegetable steamer or a double boiler for melting chocolate. This is a legit kitchen item, and it's one you'll actually use. Bonus? This particular one, the Kalorik metallic heart-shape waffle maker, is also extremely affordable at BJ's. The price is discounted to $22.99 through Valentine's Day, and the bright red color and heart shape make it the ultimate gift. Who needs flowers when you can make your own waffles?


This Kalorik waffle maker serves up five heart-shaped waffles at one time in just minutes, and even better: there's an adjustable temperature control knob so you can make your waffles exactly how you like them. The heating plates are also nonstick, so it's easy to clean, and the cord can be tucked away neatly for easy storage. (You can also store this waffle maker upright to save room in your cabinets.)

Not exactly a chef? Don't worry. Waffles are pretty foolproof — especially if you just have a giant tub of mix. BJ's sells an infamous 28-pound pancake mix that also boasts a 10-year shelf life, and it's just perfect for making waffles. Bonuses all around.

If you're not sure about the novelty of a waffle maker being heart-shaped, let me remind you just how much a small thing like this can turn around your day. It's like when you wake up and your favorite coffee mug is washed and dried in the cabinet, waiting for you. It's like driving to work and noticing a rainbow out your window. It's like your favorite song playing as soon as you get in the car to go home, and the weather's nice enough for you to roll the windows down.

It's like your toddler taking a nap that you didn't have to fight them for an hour on, and oh yeah, it doesn't impact their bedtime.

Heart-shaped waffles just make a day. They are the tinsel on the Christmas tree, the tiny pastel jellybeans at Easter. It's a novelty, one that's geared to a holiday, but it's something that can make every morning feel a little more special. And bonus: your kids probably won't complain about eating them.