Frozen II actor Kristen Bell has revealed her strategy for managing Halloween candy with her two dau...
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Kristen Bell's Strategy For Her Kids' Halloween Candy Is Little More Trick Than Treat

It seems no parent is immune to the struggles that Halloween candy can bring — nope, not even celebrities. From balancing concerns about sugar and proper nutrition with a kid's desire to devour an entire pillowcase full of chocolate treats all in one night to even just, you know, not eating it all yourself while they sleep, having Halloween candy in the house can require a game plan. And in a recent interview with HuffPost, Kristen Bell revealed her strategy for managing Halloween candy with her own kids is a bit perhaps a little more trick than treat.

"This is one place where we are a bit dishonest in our parenting, but if they ever asked, I promise I would tell them the truth," Bell recently shared with HuffPost about how she approaches Halloween candy with daughters, 6-year-old Lincoln and 4-year-old Delta.

Like many parents, Bell told the news outlet she and husband Dax Shepard, actor and co-host of the podcast Armchair Expert, allow their kids to indulge in a few pieces of candy while out trick-or-treating, but when they get home, they "put their pillowcases on the washing machine where they aren't readily available." (Yup, Lincoln and Delta use pillowcases for their Halloween candy, too.)

But Bell's strategy involves more than simply keeping the candy out of reach and out of sight. The Good Place actor, who also voices Anna in Disney's Frozen and Frozen 2, said she also sorts through her daughters' candy, removing and switching pieces she doesn't want her kids to eat with candies she thinks are better for them. "Candies that I feel are very bad for them, I'll switch them with better candies ― like ones with sugar as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup," Bell told HuffPost, adding that her daughters are then allowed to eat just one or two pieces of candy a day over the span of a few weeks.

While Bell may manage to overrule her daughters when it comes to Halloween candy, it seems they've repeatedly had the final say when it comes to her costume. In 2017, Bell shared a photo of herself begrudgingly dressed as Elsa, the sister of her Frozen character Anna, for Halloween.

"When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween...you GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT," the mom of two captioned the photo.

And then, last year, Bell revealed that her daughter had once again relegated her to the Elsa costume for Halloween. "#frozen2 (Otherwise know as the SECOND year in a row my daughter demanded I be Elsa to match her)," Bell wrote in an Instagram post featuring a selfie of her looking less than enthused to be back in her Elsa dress.

Now word yet on what her daughters have chosen as her Halloween get-up in 2019, but with Frozen 2's release date quickly approaching on Nov. 22, if you're taking bets, it might be wise put your money on that sparkly blue dress. After all, Bell previously revealed in an interview with People that her girls "already know the whole plotline and all the songs" to Frozen 2, so it sounds like they're pretty invested in theme.