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Kroger's Christmas Eve & Christmas Hours Could Help Out This Holiday

by Lindsay E. Mack

Do you need to make a flying dash to the grocery store right before Christmas? Then keep Kroger's Christmas Eve and Christmas hours for 2019 in mind. Even the supermarket giant takes a holiday break, so it's smart to plan ahead.

For 2019, Kroger's holiday hours may vary depending on your store's location, as a company rep tells Romper. In the Atlanta Division, for instance, stores will open at normal hours on Christmas Eve but close early at 7:00 p.m., according to another company rep. The Atlanta area stores will be closed on Christmas Day. To be extra-certain about your local Kroger's operating hours for December 24 and 25, 2019, call your store's direct line. (There's a handy store locator on Kroger's site.) Even if you plan to get all the food shopping done early, it's nice to know what stores are available if you unexpectedly need a holiday staple. Hey, it's easy to forget you're all out of cookies until your kid wants to leave some out for Santa.

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Holiday shopping is notoriously hectic, and it's easy to forget an item or two even when you do make a list and check it twice. If your local Kroger does happen to be closed when you're in need, then there are a few companies that typically stay open on Christmas Day, including gas stations such as 7-Eleven and many pharmacies including CVS. It's possible to get by until your favorite grocery store reopens with its regular hours on December 26.