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This 'Bachelor' Contestant's Instagram Shows How Dedicated She Is To Fitness

Having a few personal trainers or lifestyle coaches on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is nothing new, so each season you kind of expect to see a handful of them competing for roses. The Bachelor Season 22 is no different, but contestant Krystal Nielson does raise the bar with her dedicated career as an online health and fitness coach. In fact, Krystal’s Instagram before The Bachelor shows how committed she is to fitness and her job itself, overall.

Thanks in part to her history of competing in ameture bodybuilding competitions and gradually getting health food and drink endorsement opportunities, Krystal is more than your average Instagram personal trailer. She’s in amazing shape and has the muscles pretty much everywhere to prove it. Plus, she can stretch and bend like no other thanks to her years as a yoga instructor. Basically, she’s more than earned her job title of health and fitness coach and her social media definitely reflects that sentiment.

Judging by her Instagram posts, Krystal has been doing this for years, as far back as 2013. But it seems like she became much more serious about fitness and working out a year or so after that, when it was all about yoga. Flash forward to today, and she’s a total beast when it comes to lifting weights and building muscle, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Though her Instagram lists her profession as an online health and fitness coach, Krystal also works as an Orangetheory fitness trainer. The classes are 50 minutes long and the room is broken up into three different sections — one for treadmills, another for rowing, and the third is simply the floor. It’s essentially circuit training, wherein you work through each part of the room and the workouts in order to burn optimal fat. In an interview with Organifishop.com, Krystal likened her training style to that of some pretty big names.

"I’m often told that I’m a hybrid of Jillian Michael and Tony Robbins," she said. "While I bring high and super fun energy to workouts, we focus dramatically on pushing past emotional blocks and negative mindsets that hold us back in our workouts, career and personal lives."

Krystal’s Instagram might have the requisite posts promoting workout clothes or products, but she’s also very inspiring with encouraging words and workout selfies. She obviously knows what she’s doing and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want her to bench press at least one other contestant this season on The Bachelor. Is that too much to ask?

In the caption of one of her fitness photos, Krystal wrote:

I took a vow to follow my heart and leave behind fear. This constant fear that unconsciously fills our minds with reasons we don't feel worthy of happiness, love, fulfillment, success or purpose. How silly but overwhelming those fears can be.

Not only is she inspiring by way of her fitness progress and instruction, but she also tries to inspire others to follow in her footsteps by encouraging them to be unafraid to reach for goals that may seem unattainable.

To some, she might seem like your run-of-the-mill online body coach, but being dedicated to fitness and teaching that fitness to others seems to be what Krystal lives for. Well, that and her two adorable pups, Chucky and Wayne. Regardless of the person we see portrayed on The Bachelor Season 22 — since it’s probably easy for the worst to come out in you when you’re filmed all the time, nonstop — Krystal's Instagram shows how committed she is to not only fitness, but inspiring others.

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