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These Side-By-Side Photos Of Baby Kylie & Stormi Prove That They're Basically Twins

Kylie Jenner's pics of her daughter Stormi never disappoint. And in the mama and makeup mogul's latest Stormi update, she provided fans with proof of how much her baby girl already takes after her. (Sorry, Travis!) In fact, Kylie Jenner and Stormi are total twins in these adorable side-by-side baby photos, and it will be so interesting to see if Stormi continues to look so much like her mom as she grows older.

On Saturday night, Jenner shared two sets of side-by-side photos on her Instagram Story, as reported by People. In one of the posts, which she captioned, "My baby and me 😍😍😍," Jenner shared a photo of herself as a baby, wearing a light pink ensemble with a matching headband. Right next to it was a recent photo of Stormi, who is also rocking some pale pink as well as some utterly adorable baby Nikes.

In the other side-by-side, both Jenner and Stormi are sleepily gazing off to the side. Even more so than in the last photo, both of their eyes, noses, and lips look nearly identical. I mean... HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

A few Kylie Jenner fans took to Twitter to comment on how much these photos showed off their similarities.

"They are literal twins," one fan account tweeted about the side-by-sides.

Not to mention, this isn't the first time that Jenner's baby photos and pictures of Stormi have drawn a comparison. In August, for instance, shots of them both making funny faces made the rounds on social media.

"They are definitely twins!! baby Kylie and baby Stormi 😻💘 ," a fan tweeted next to the two goofy shots.

Even though baby Stormi and Jenner clearly share a lot of the same physical features, she wants fans to know that Stormi also takes after her father, Travis Scott as well. “She’s my twin,” Jenner said of Stormi in a YouTube Q&A with bestie Jordyn Woods this summer, according to Us Weekly. However, Jenner added, Stormi was "looking a lot more like her dad," at that point. “She has the most perfect lips in the entire world,” Jenner continued in the video, as reported by Us Weekly. “She didn’t get those from me ... I think her dad has those.” Jenner may be known for her plump lips, but they are actually the product of temporary lip fillers, a topic that the reality star has opened up about on multiple occasions.

Whether or not Stormi winds up looking more like her mom or her dad when she gets older, it's clear that Jenner is absolutely smitten by her baby girl. In a video for Vogue Australia in August, Jenner shared a few poetic thoughts on motherhood. “Creating life was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. It’s hard to explain why," Jenner said, according to Vogue Australia, speaking about welcoming Stormi. "It’s just when you’ve experienced it you understand.”

Hopefully Jenner keeps the adorable Stormi content flowing as she continues to grow up!