Kylie’s Baby Shower Was Gorgeous AF — Throw One Just Like It

When Kylie Jenner announced yesterday that she had a baby and also shared a touching video on YouTube, people all over the world took notice of her one-of-a-kind baby shower. Strategizing how to recreate Kylie Jenner's baby shower is probably top of mind for many moms-to-be and their friends. Hey, if people take wedding, birthday, and other party cues from the stars, why not baby showers too?

Although Kylie is widely recognized for her work as a reality star, model, and makeup icon, widely recognized for her always perfectly put together look, Kylie's baby shower was all kinds of comfy and (as far as the Kardashians are concerned) rather laid-back. I mean, she and her guests all rolled up in matching pink pajamas, so how much more cozy can you get? It looks like the famous family enjoyed a pretty typical baby shower, too, in that it involved crafts, cute drinks, snacks, and lots of adorable decor. Kylie's shower, though, was taken up a level in some respects with over-the-top floral arrangements and dessert trays. You can work this same luxe vibe into any shower you happen to be hosting (without breaking the bank in the process).

Kylie's pregnancy was never officially announced, though it was widely speculated that she was going to have a baby girl, and she proved these rumors true with her heartfelt video that wasn't released until a few days after her baby daughter was born. Underneath the flowers and lavish decor, it looks like the baby shower was a sincere celebration of the child to come, and there's no doubt this baby will be so loved.

If you're expecting, or know someone who is, here's how you can recreate Kylie Jenner's baby shower for your own celebration.


Pick A Color Theme

You can go for pink, blue, or something more unexpected. I mean, Kylie's party looks lovely with all the rose pink decor and desserts, but any color of your choosing would work, if the gendered hues aren't to your liking, or if the baby's gender is a surprise. A bright, sunshiny yellow would make for a gorgeous, cheerful shower for any baby, and all white would look super sleek.


Use Baby Toys As Decor

This is a precious idea. If you have a table setting, then use some cute baby toys as place settings. Actually, just having the toys all over as decor is a fun idea, and it ensures that the baby has a well-stocked toy chest from day one. Oriental Trading is a great site to check out to buy small plush dolls in bulk.


Go All-Out With Flowers

OK, so maybe you don't want to splurge on a giant wall of roses à la Kylie. (Although if you can swing it, go for it.) But arrangements of flowers, either fresh or artificial, can cheer up any party. For major Kylie vibes, stick to one flower and one color — consistency is key.

For a similar backdrop, there are a few routes you can take, from adhesive, reusable wallpaper with a floral motif to a large scale rose bud wallpaper that you can temporarily tack onto a wall with tape. Or even a couple rolls of wrapping paper could be used.


Record Sweet Messages To The Baby

In Kylie's "To Our Daughter" video, the baby shower party guests record sweet messages addressed to the baby. They talk about wanting to meet her, speculate whether she will like makeup as much as Kylie, and above all, dish on how lucky the little one will be to have Kylie as their mom. It's a kind gesture to the future kid (and the expecting mama), sure to be cherished in years to come.


Follow A Pajamas-Only Dress Code

If any party should be attended by everyone in pajamas, it's a baby shower. You can follow in Kylie's steps and get everyone adorable matching pajama sets, or ask your guests to roll up in their own PJ sets. Look, chances are the mom-to-be, as well as a significant number of guests, would be most comfy in pajamas anyway.

Sleepover Knit PJ Set ($50, Victoria's Secret)

If you want your photos to be as well-choreographed as Kylie's, send around a link to all your besties and ask them to show up in the same PJ set. It might seem like a splurge at the time, but they'll definitely be rocking the set for years to come.


Make Fancy Drinks For The Mom

So she can't swing back a bunch of wine or champagne at the moment, but the mom-to-be still deserves something special to sip on. A fancy drink, like this latte decorated with a baby bottle, is enough to help the future mom feel special at her own event.

Coffee Stencils ($5 for 16 styles, Amazon)

While Kylie probably had some fancy professional barista at her own baby shower, you can also create Instagram-worthy pick-me-ups with these easy-to-use coffee stencils.


Serve Serious Sweets

This is not the time for a sad crudités plate and nothing else. Follow in Kylie's steps and assemble a stunning display of desserts. Tiered cakes and chocolate fountains are all welcome, and no, you don't have to break the bank on special display cases and cake stands to create height. Take a few cups or mugs and dinner plates, and stack them atop each other to DIY your own "cake stands". You could also wrap boxes or books and use them as pedestals to display snacks and desserts.


Decorate Rompers

It looks like Kylie's baby shower attendants got to decorate onesies at a craft table. These would make fun keepsakes and are so fun for a baby to wear. Round up some pompoms, ribbons, and simple white onesies and let the creativity fly.


Take LOTS Of Pictures

It wouldn't be a Kardashian/Jenner-inspired event without tons and tons of photos. Pose and snap as many shots with the party guests as possible. For even more fun, stock up on a few inexpensive selfie sticks so that guests can use them during the party, and follow up with with them for their pics so that the guest of honor can see them all.

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