Time To Stock Up On Nursing Pads: Lansinoh's Amazon Prime Day Sales Are Coming

Get those clicking fingers ready: Amazon Prime Day is nigh upon us (starting on July 15th). It’s a great time to load up on necessities, especially if you’re a new mom trying to juggle shopping, childcare, a lack of sleep, and your baby (disclaimer: don’t juggle your baby). It’s easy to forget to get supplies for breastfeeding, especially those that can help make your baby’s meals a little easier on yourself. Luckily, Lansinoh's Amazon Prime Day sales feature many of the products breastfeeding moms rely on to make feeding time more comfortable and convenient. (It's no surprise that the company was founded by a nursing mother.)

Breastfeeding can be a bit bewildering to new mothers, especially when you're sent home from the hospital before you feel comfortable feeding this tiny human on your own. And though breastfeeding can be a comforting form of bonding, that doesn’t mean it’s always a walk in the park. After all, you’re using your body to provide and serve nourishment for someone else, and that can take a toll. Sometimes it’s easy to assume that certain forms of maternal discomfort are simply inevitable, but it’s always good practice to see if you can’t avoid (or at least lessen) some of those discomforts. And with these Lansinoh products being offered at a 30 percent discount this Prime Day, now's the perfect time to try.