Josiah & Lauren Duggar's 1-Month-Old Daughter Is The "Happiest" Baby — PHOTO

by Casey Suglia

In the time since Counting On stars Lauren and Josiah Duggar welcomed their adorable newborn daughter, Bella Milagro, one thing has become incredibly clear: that girl is one happy baby. It's been one month since she was born, and Lauren Duggar shared new photos of baby Bella smiling from ear to ear to mark to the special milestone.

"It's hard to believe that Bella is already a month old!," Lauren captioned the new photos her daughter, who was born on Friday, Nov. 8. "She is the sweetest, happiest, and most content little baby. She brings us so much joy!" In one of the new photos, shared on Sunday, Lauren is holding Bella in her arms in her nursery. Bella is wearing the coziest outfit with the biggest smile on her face. In the other, Bella is laying in her crib, wearing a black bow and smiling up at her mama.

Lauren and Josiah followers also couldn't help but notice Bella's smile. "Awwww is she always smiling like that?" one fan asked. "She seems to do so on every picture you post of her. The sweetest!" Another said, "She's got a combo of your smiles, she's too cute." One more chimed in, "One month already! Motherhood looks beautiful on you, Lauren! And that baby girl is a beauty too...looks like you!"

After Lauren's "difficult" birth last month, it's nice to hear that Bella is a "content little baby" who smiles all the time and brings her parents "so much joy." Shortly after she was born, Lauren and Josiah told Us Weekly in a statement that their daughter arrived "after a long and difficult labor," adding: "When we finally got to see and hold our precious Bella Milagro, all the pain went away instantly."

In almost every single photo Josiah and Lauren have posted of their daughter, Bella always seems to have a little smile on her face. It's almost as if she is aware of the difficult journey her parents went through before she arrived. Roughly a year before Bella was born, Lauren suffered a miscarriage in 2018. The couple announced in May 2019 that Laure was pregnant with Bella.

With that knowledge, it's easy to see why everyone in their little family seemingly can't stop smiling.