'Lemonade' Celeb Cameos Included Zendaya, Amandala Stenberg, Quvenzhané & More

by Meg Kehoe

You've been waiting on Lemonade, haven't you, buzzing Beyhive? The wait is up, Lemonade debuted on HBO, and not a soul was disappointed. Lemonade turned out to be not a documentary, but another stunning visual album. With heavy background scenes shot in New Orleans, nobody was sure what to expect. What the masses received was a solid declaration from Beyoncé, complete with a Lemonade celebrity cameos, including Zendaya, Amandala Stenberg, Quvenzhané Wallis, and more.

Though she may not be the pop star you immediately think of when you hear the word "squad," she's certainly inching her way up that list with the girl gang she showed off in Lemonade. It's no shock that any one of these incredible women would say yes to Beyoncé when it came to participating in her latest artistic triumph. I mean, would anybody say no to Queen Bey? So far, I've counted ten lucky ladies (and one very, very lucky man) that made their celebrity cameos in Lemonade on Saturday night. And I'm going to spend the next hour re-watching, to keep my eyes peeled for any cameos I may have missed. Because Lemonade is only available for one day only, and you'd better believe it's going on repeat.



Easily one of the most influential young black women of today, Zendaya, stunned in braids in Lemonade.


Amandala Stenberg

The exceptional Amandala Stenberg made her appearance in Lemonade, leading viewers to believe that Beyoncé chose young black women who have been harshly criticized in the past year to star in her visual album, to show her love and support for them.


Quvenzhané Wallis

The young Oscar-nominated actress appeared in Lemonade during a scene with a lush outdoor backdrop, and my oh my has she grown up.


Serena Williams

The tennis star made her appearance during "Sorry," where she can be seen twerking next to Beyoncé as she sits in her throne-like chair.


Winnie Harlow

Model Winnie Harlow's appearance was the first to hit the media circuits, as she was seen in the trailer for Lemonade when it dropped last week.


Chloe and Halle

If you haven't heard of Chloe and Halle? You will. These young ladies are signees to Beyoné''s label. You know they're going to do big things.


Blue Ivy

After she showed off her #BlackGirlMagic in "Formation," are you surprised that Blue Ivy made a cameo in Lemonade?


Sybrina Fulton

The mother of Trayvon Martin made a poignant appearance, holding a photo of her son.


Lesley McSpadden

Mike Brown's mother also made an appearance in Lemonade, keeping her son's memory alive.



After all the speculation that Lemonade was about Beyoncé filing for divorce, Jay-Z made a cameo near the end of the visual album. The album is available on Tidal. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start all over from the beginning and see if I can catch a few more of these celebrity cameos.