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Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet Quote 'Titanic' To Each Other, And It's Everything We Always Dreamed

Stop everything you're doing right now because this news might actually make your heart burst with joy. It turns out that not only are they totally BFFs, but Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet quote Titanic to each other when they talk on the phone and it's just way too cute for words. Not only are they talking on the phone with each other, like two smitten teens circa 1996, but they quote Titanic to each other. Same, you two, same.

Is that not the most heartbreaking thing you've heard since Rose gasped, "I'll never let go" at the end of the movie? It totally is. But that's just how Leo and Kate are with each other. Cute AF. Winslet told Glamour UK in a cover story interview of their friendship:

I’m not going to tell you what we actually talk about, but yeah, we’re very, very close and sometimes we do quote the odd Titanic line back and forth to each other, because only we can, and we find it really funny.

Winslet added that they have other little inside jokes, too. She said:

You don’t even want to know the last conversation we had, because it was so funny and made me laugh so much.We found ourselves saying to each other, 'Can you imagine if the world really knew the stupid things we say?'

Oh, to be a fly on the wall and get in on the inside jokes.

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When are these two going to finally admit that they need to live happily ever after together? I know it's awful to pretend like these two mega celebs need to tie the proverbial knot since they're both strikingly attractive stars who people assume should be sleeping with each other, but it's just so hard not to speculate when they make it so easy.

One of the best things about the 2016 awards season, for example, was watching them interact with each other. DiCaprio was nominated at all of the award shows for his role in The Revenent and Winslet was nominated in all of them, too, for her role in Steve Jobs. Which meant that they just kept meeting up on the red carpet, leaving all of us swooning in their wake.

When DiCaprio won his Oscar, Winslet was right there to congratulate him. She actually cried during his acceptance speech, just like a bestie should. At the Golden Globes, they had a conversation in the crowd that set Twitter on fire with #RelationshipGoals tweets.

But it's never been romantic for thee two. And yes, it is possible for a man and a woman to have a platonic friendship. Winslet told Marie Claire in 2014 that they never thought about dating:

It's so disappointing for people to hear that, because in the soap opera of the Kate and Leo story we fell in love at first sight and had a million snogs, but actually we never did. He always saw me as one of the boys; I've never really been a girly-girl. We needed each other to lean on because we were very young and working all kinds of crazy bloody hours and it was a shock to the system.

Really though, just knowing that Kate and Leo have been there for each other for two whole decades, still make each other laugh, and quote Titanic to each other in private is just too good to be true. Everyone deserves a bestie like that.