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If You're A Leo, 2020 Will Start Off Mellow & End With A Bang

What does the new year have in store for your sign? The Leo horoscope for 2020 predicts many chances to connect with others and rest up. The latter part of the year is when you'll really shine.

Lion signs might start off the new year with a chill sort of energy, and that's totally OK. "Most Leos radiate a lot of positive mojo and they love to be in the spotlight, but the first half of 2020 has all Leos intentionally dimming their pilot lights," astrologer Leslie McGuirk tells Romper. In fact, hanging out at home with your loved ones might be your favorite activity for the start of the year, agrees astrologer Cathy Stronach.

"The hearth and home is the focus as you begin 2020, and like the hearth fire others are drawn to your energy as you radiate a depth of acceptance to those who feel at a loss with themselves," she tells Romper.

This ability to connect deeply with others looks like it continues throughout the year. In fact, when Mars enters Aries on June 27, "this fuels the fun part of you," says Stronach. It may increase your ability to relate to kids in particular, and you may find children opening up and discussing their emotions more freely, as Stronach further explains.


And the last part of the year is all yours. "Lions in nature sleep for about 23 hours each day, so don't look at this slow start to the year as a bad thing," says McGuirk. "You are just resting up for something awesome that should start manifesting during the summer, and into the fall when you will feel much more like the lion that roars." Enjoy your new year and all the connections it brings, Leo.


Leslie McGuirk, astrologer, author, speaker, & artist

Cathy Stronach - Astrology, Stoicism and the Tree of Life, author of "12 Shining Lanterns – Astrological Wheel of the Year"