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Lucas' Instagram Is Full Of Whaboom

It probably comes as no big shock to learn that Lucas from this season of The Bachelorette had acting experience and even reality TV experience long before he ever showed up with his megaphone and exclamations of "whaboom!" There have been spurts of moments where he does seem to be into Rachel as a person rather than a ticket to the spotlight, but Lucas’ Instagram proves that Bachelorette’s whaboom guy might have ulterior motives after all. Though are we really that surprised?

Like I said, his past with show business isn’t surprising, but the guy has been promoting whaboom for a while prior to the show, so in an effort to keep his catchphrase going, he obviously saw The Bachelorette as a chance to help that self-promotion. In 2016, Lucas appeared on the WE reality series Ex Isle (with fellow Bachelorette contestant Blake E., I might add) and if you watch his episodes, you’ll see that he sneaks in several whabooms even then. That’s not to say that Lucas came on The Bachelorette simply for fame, but it’s glaringly obvious that the whaboom guy thrives on attention and has taken his whaboom thing up a few big notches.

On the day of the Season 13 premiere of The Bachelorette, Lucas posted an Instagram video promoting a giveaway for whaboom shirts, so he planned for his catchphrase to catch on and promoting himself may have been his whole reason for coming on the show in the first place. Sure, he can be there for love as well, but let’s be real.

Last season on The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios ended up launching a clothing line selling Team Corn shirts and similar apparel, but she also probably didn’t go on the show solely in the hopes of garnering a fan base. With Lucas, it seems entirely intentional.

Not only are there multiple acting reels on Lucas’ Instagram, but the whaboom guy is also big about promoting whaboom itself now more than ever. In a way, that’s expected because it’s what he's become known for, but the fact that it was intentional makes it seem like his intentions probably aren’t very pure at all.

In September, Lucas posted a photo of himself with David Hasselhoff (somehow) with the caption "The Hoff.. Fending off peeps trying to get my autograph. Typical weekend. #WhaaaBoooom." Whether or not that’s even true, Lucas’ Instagram is full of the kind of self-promotion you might expect from a Bachelorette contestant maybe after the show has ended. But it’s clear that the attention-seeking whaboom guy knew what he was doing coming into the show.

Right now, in addition to owning some real estate properties in California, Lucas is listed as an actor and director at his company YKnotWorld Productions, where he produces short comedic skits and commercials. And he’s totally allowed to be himself while being an actor outside of the show, but his Instagram definitely makes it seem like love and roses isn’t what he came on the show for.

If ever there was someone on The Bachelorette this season who might have ulterior motives, I’d say whaboom guy could be a top candidate. Only time will tell.