Madison LeCroy Has Worked Hard For Her Career Outside Of 'Southern Charm'

Madison LeCroy might not be new to the Southern Charm inner circle, but this season, she was a face not many fans had seen before. And as a newbie, there were lots of questions about Shep’s new girlfriend. Despite being back and forth about her relationship with Shep, Madison’s son and career seem to be the two things she is sure of and Madison LeCory’s job proves the Southern Charm star is a successful entrepreneur.

Unlike some of her fellow Southern Charm stars, Madison hasn't recently invested in a brewery or started her own line of Southern Charm-inspired pillow cases. Instead, Madison started her own business as a traveling freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. According to her website, she specializes in balayage for hair, but her talents seem to run the gambit. She has a separate Instagram account dedicated to photos of her work on different clients and the pictures speak for themselves.

She started the Instagram account in 2014 and since then, she has regularly updated it with photos of her work. The photos range from simple bridal looks to work she has done for TV and media. I don't think Madison has any intention of slowing down her already successful career anytime soon.

Madison’s LinkedIn profile says she currently owns the Blush & Brushes salon in Charleston, S.C. and before that, she worked at two other salons in the area. In fact, there doesn't seem to be anything on her resume that doesn't include either hair or makeup work, so it looks like she chose this as her career a long time ago.

Before her first listed job at another Charleston salon, Madison went to the Carolina College of Hair Design. Today, she works for herself, so all of her years of studying and working under others has gotten her to this point. She’s basically living her best life right now and Shep or not, she has proven she’s a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man.

In a 2018 interview with the Beckett Boutique, Madison said she is living her dream job being able to travel around the world to work. She also said in her interview that she’s "just getting started" with her career. If her career up until this point is any indication, Madison has the potential to go even further.

Aside from working as a busy freelance hair stylist and makeup artist, Madison had experience working with Bravo talent before she ever became part of the Southern Charm cast. Her LinkedIn profile lists hair and makeup jobs for four seasons of Southern Charm and work featured in Town & Country, Vogue, and Reader’s Digest.

She told Decider in a recent interview that some clients call her "The Blonde Whisperer" because of her balayage expertise and although she has mostly worked with Bravo stars up until this point, she has dreams of working with A-listers like Blake Lively. She hasn't gotten close enough to the actress to be her hair stylist, but she has worked with Lively’s wedding planner on a number of other weddings. And while during the week, Madison keeps her hours in the 9 to 5 range, her weekends can sometimes be full of weddings and other events. Such is the life of someone who had made a career of working for herself.

Although Madison’s most recent work includes freelance jobs that have taken her on different adventures away from home, it’s likely that she’s open to continuing her work on TV and in print media as well. For someone as determined and ambitious as she has proven herself to be, the sky really is the limit. Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.