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Beyoncé & Meghan Markle, Our Favorite Queens, May Meet IRL So, So Soon

Sometimes the world can surprise you, but in the good way too. Like when you put on a coat you haven't worn for awhile and find a $20 bill in the pocket. Or when your favorite wine goes on sale and you actually get to use that $20 to buy yourself a bottle. Or you find out that Meghan Markle and Beyoncé might meet in person at The Lion King premiere in London on Sunday. Even though it is almost impossible to imagine two of the world's biggest celebrities just hanging out like that, it looks like it's going to happen. Like I said, the world can surprise you sometimes.

As most Bey fans are already well aware, the singer is voicing the character of Nala in the live-action reboot of the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King, which is set to launch in theaters across the country on Friday, July 19. She also produced and curated the soundtrack for the film, which includes a recently released original song from Beyoncé herself called "Spirit," according to Rolling Stone, so you know she is heavily invested in this movie.

Queen Bey already attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Lion King with her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, according to The Los Angeles Times, and now she is scheduled to be at the London premiere on Sunday... along with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

It's actually happening, I'm not even joking.

As royal reporter Omid Scobie shared on Twitter, "Buckingham Palace confirm that Duchess Meghan will be joining Harry on the carpet for the #LionKing premiere this Sunday. And yes, @Beyonce’s people tell me that she will be attending. Expect the internet break down

Markle's appearance at Sunday's premiere was reportedly a last minute addition, perhaps because she's still technically on maternity leave with 2-month-old baby boy Archie. Her husband Prince Harry, on the other hand, has long been expected to attend the European premiere of the film. And not just because the event will support the Duke of Sussex's wildlife charities in Africa, according to People, it's also reportedly one of his favorite movies.

I'm sure fans would have been a little excited to see Prince Harry and Beyoncé together, but let's face it; everyone has been ready for the two stars to be in the same room since the singer won her BRIT Award with husband JAY-Z and accepted it in front of a painting of Markle.

And let's not forget Bey congratulated Markle on her pregnancy on Instagram, according to Harper's Bazaar, so obviously they're ready to become best friends.

The funny thing is these two queens already share a common friend: they are both friends with a third queen, tennis champion Serena Williams, who actually threw Markle's baby shower for her in New York and I guess she didn't invite Beyoncé. Probably because they didn't know each other back then.

After this meeting on Sunday, here's hoping the two stars become fast friends. They both understand what it is to be in the spotlight, after all, and to try to find a way to parent with the eyes of the world watching them. Plus just think about the pictures from Sunday because Oh My God, they're going to be amazing.