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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Shared An Emotional Pride Month Post

Here is one thing I think we're finally learning about the royal family; not every member is the same. Sort of like, you know, how regular people in regular families are not carbon copies of each other. While some members of the royal family prefer to stay private with their opinions, this is not the case for every member. And it's becoming abundantly clear that this is not the case for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a rather beautiful way. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's post about Pride Month wasn't just a nod to their own support of LGBTQ rights all over the world, it was also a touching callback to Prince Harry's own mother and her staunch support of that same belief system. Because love is love.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have branched off in recent months with their own Instagram page, separate from their previous partnership with Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Probably because they're grown ups now and are hoping to use their massive platform to support issues that are nearest and dearest to their own hearts. One June 1, the couple shared a collage of pictures in honor of Pride Month.

The collage included several images of Pride marches from the past, a picture of two people holding hands with rainbow bracelets, and even a picture of Princess Diana visiting with an HIV positive man from her important work as the patron for The National Aids Trust, as per their website. The couple captioned the collection of photos on Instagram:

For the month of June we “proudly” shine a light on PRIDE.This month we pay tribute to the accounts supporting the LGBTQ+ community - those young and old, their families and friends, accounts that reflect on the past and are hopeful for a deservedly more inclusive future.We stand with you and support you 🌈
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This isn't the first time the couple have spoken out in support of LGBTQ rights. Back in April 2018, before the couple were married just one month later, Markle and Prince Harry were attending a Commonwealth Youth Forum and met a young Australian man named Jacob Thomas. Young Thomas was there being honored with a Queen's Young Leader award for his work in trying to reduce the suicide rate among LGBTQ teens in his home country. Thomas told People that he spoke to both Markle and Prince Harry, and they were both enthusiastically supportive of his cause. As Thomas explained to reporters, as per People:

Miss Markle said, and these were her exact words, ‘This is a basic human rights issue, not one about sexuality.'
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Markle and Prince Harry are not the only members of the royal family to speak out in defense of LGBTQ rights. Back in 2017 Queen Elizabeth herself vowed to "tackle discrimination" of LGBTQ citizens in her State Opening of Parliament, as per Town and Country.

Because at the end of the day, the royal family is honor-bound to use their platforms to speak out against intolerance. It's lovely to see that this is actually, finally, becoming the case.

Princess Diana would be so proud.