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Meghan Markle's Remedy For Jet Lag Is All About Finding Her Zen

Meghan Markle strikes me as a woman who knows herself well. Perhaps because she was already very much her own person with her own identity, long before she married Prince Harry in May 2018 and became the Duchess of Sussex. She already knew who she was and what she liked, and I think this has probably helped her enormously since she's come into the public eye. But it also appears to help her in her private life as well. After flying to New York recently, Markle had a remedy for jet lag that is a testament to the person she was before, and clearly the person she remains.

The Duchess of Sussex arrived in New York on Friday to cheer on one of her best friends, Serena Williams, who will be playing in the U.S. Tennis Open championship on Saturday afternoon against Canadian player Bianca Andreescu. Already the British tabloids are losing their collective minds over the trip, insinuating that she shouldn't be traveling without her 4-month-old son Archie and accusing her of "snubbing" her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, by not visiting her at Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Does that bother Meghan Markle? I mean, probably a little bit, she is human after all. But she's also a human who knows how to practice self care in all sorts of wonderful ways. Instead of succumbing to stress and jet lag after her flight from London to New York, the former actress reportedly hit up a detoxifying yoga class. Because she is more evolved than us all.

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The Duchess of Sussex attended a public yoga class at Modo Yoga in New York City after she arrived back in the United States, as per People. She and a friend joined approximately 60 other participants for a hot yoga class in the eco-conscious studio, in the West Village. A class member told People that Markle was greeted with "sweet, knowing smiles" and that Markle is a repeat guest:

She has been going to Modo Yoga for many years and tries to do so whenever she is in New York. It was the perfect remedy for jet lag.

Markle is a lifelong yoga enthusiast, perhaps because her mother, Doria Ragland, is also a yoga instructor in California. So it stands to reason that she already knew one of the best remedies for jet lag is to do some lengthening yoga poses after your body has been stuck in a cramped position on an airplane for so long. A commercial airplane, by the way. After Markle and Prince Harry were vilified in the press for taking a private jet to visit family friend Elton John last month, Markle's press secretary was quick to point out she flew commercial this time around, as per The Sun.

While the Duchess of Sussex will certainly be criticized for her weekend visit to New York City to watch her friend play tennis, I suspect she won't let it bother her. She is a new mom with a weekend to herself, enjoying a yoga class with her friend and visiting her home country. The world is her oyster at this moment.