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Meghan Markle's New Official Occupation Is A Dream Come True

Meghan Markle is a new mom, this we already know for sure. She and Prince Harry welcomed their first child together, baby Archie, on May 6 and they are clearly over the moon about it. But being a mother is not her only occupation, obviously. In fact, Meghan Markle's son's birth certificate confirmed that her new occupation is super regal. That's right guys, she's a princess.

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten's official birth certificate was released on Friday, and while it might not be as exciting as, say, a photo shoot with the new baby and his parents, it did shed a little light on a few things. Most pertinent, perhaps, would be his mom's occupation. Prior to meeting Prince Harry and marrying him at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle last May, Markle was an actress working on Suits and ran her own lifestyle blog called The Tig. How things have changed in just a few short years for the Calfornia native. She no longer works on Suits (her final episode aired just one month before her wedding), her lifestyle blog is defunct, and she is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Not just a regular citizen either: It turns out that Markle's official title is "Princess of the United Kingdom."

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This is the first time Markle has been officially acknowledged as a princess of the United Kingdom; until now, she and her husband Prince Harry have been known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But just because she's a duchess doesn't mean she can't be a princess too, guys. After all, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton is called the Duchess of Cambridge but listed as a "Princess of the United Kingdom" on three birth certificates for her children, 5-year-old Prince George, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 1-year-old Prince Louis, as per Good Housekeeping.

The royal family has been listing the wives of princes as princesses since 1923, according to royal expert Marlene Koenig. The tradition was initially started by King George V when his son Prince Albert married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, as Koenig told E! News:

The Duke and Duchess of York were later known as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, the parents of Queen Elizabeth II. The press of the day asked about the status of the new Duchess of York. Lord Stamfordham [the king's private secretary] issued a statement: 'In accordance with the settled general rule that a wife takes the status of her husband, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on her marriage has become Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York with the status of a Princess.

Interestingly enough, Markle and Prince Harry have chosen to eschew a royal title for their son, who will go by Master Archie rather than Prince Archie, as per Vogue. While his Cambridge cousins are two princes and a princess, royal sources told the news outlet that his parents didn't want that title for their son at the moment in an effort to keep his life as "normal" as possible.

Totally understandable. But still; being a princess is cool and I hope Meghan Markle secretly gets a thrill from it. I know I would.