Don't Worry About Mercury Retrograde If You're One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

Mercury goes into retrograde (again!) very soon, and for most of us that means communication errors, computing disasters, and a general disturbance of workflow. It's frustrating and time-consuming, but more for some of us than others. Did you know that there are some signs of the zodiac that are less affected by Mercury in retrograde than others? So while we're all scrambling, they're just going on about their day as if nothing is amiss. The four signs that will be least affected by Mercury retrograde when it begins on November 17 all share one thing in common.

These four signs are known as the mutable signs of the zodiac, according to There are three categories of signs in the zodiac: fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs, and they all play a specific role in relation to the universe, and to one another. The cardinal signs are fixed to the beginning of each new season, and they guide the direction of the other signs in their season, noted Astrostyle. The fixed signs are the steady eddies of the Zodiac. They're stalwart in nature and stand guardian over the fallout of the other signs. Then you have the mutable signs, which flow like water and take change well. That's what makes them particularly adept at managing the stress of Mercury in retrograde — their fluid nature.


Gemini — The Air Sign

Geminis get made fun of a lot because they're purported to be "two-faced" or have an unreliable dual nature. But the joke's on anybody who doesn't realize that this trait can actually be e helpful one in stressful, complicated, or spontaneous situations, according to Astrology and Zodiac Signs. Already an air sign, Geminis can ride the currents of Mercury's turbulence and come out unscathed. They don't view setbacks and problems the way the rest of the signs do, and that's to their benefit. They're ready to look at things from a different angle, and sail over that which would trip up the rest of us.


Virgo — The Earth Sign

Virgos get sh*t done. That's their best quality. Because they're a mutable sign, it doesn't matter if Mercury is in retrograde or if they're just having a bad day, they're going to complete the tasks they set forth to do, and it won't matter how they need to get it done, according to

Because they're always learning, they are more able to adapt. This means that if something goes awry when the planets shift, they'll simply find a way around it without giving it a second thought. Also, because they hold everything to such high standards, it's generally a safe bet to have them look over your work during this intense period.


Sagittarius — The Fire Sign

Sagittarians aren't unaffected by Mercury in retrograde, exactly. In fact, they're extremely affected by its wily ways. However, they thrive in that change. They get excited about it. They hate being bored, according to Astrostyle, so the crossing of the streams of energy created by Mercury in retrograde fires them up — pun intended. They excel when others are stumbling. They dance through retrograde like most of us dance through the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. (Actually, no, that's gross, keep your feet from my cherry tomatoes.)

If you told a Sagittarian that all communication systems were down and a power outage imminent, they'd be like, "time for a blanket fort, people."


Pisces — The Water Sign

The final sign in the Zodiac calendar, Pisces people are used to holding everything together, according to They're also extremely intuitive and put a lot of stock in their feelings. That's why when problems pop up or come to a head, they have a deep well of personal knowledge of themselves to know what's happening and how it will ultimately affect them and those around them. It doesn't stress them out because they prepare for it all year.

Being the mutable sign in water, it's easy to imagine them in retrograde periods chanting "just keep swimming" much like Disney's Dory.

Although honestly, that's good advice for all the signs of the zodiac!