This Labradoodle Toy Responds To Voice & Touch, & Gives *Snuggles* — FIRST LOOK

Adding a new dog to your family can be exciting and fulfilling, but it is a major commitment. If your kids consistently beg you for a puppy, but you aren't quite ready to take the plunge, an interactive alternative may be a good compromise. Moji the Loveable Labradoodle, a new toy companion, is ready to make a true connection with your kids, just like they would with a real dog. (Except you don't have to fight with them over picking up the poop.)

When you weigh the pros and cons of getting a dog for your kids, the con column tends to outgrow the pro column rather quickly. Despite their lovability and loyalty, dogs can be loud and messy. They bark and shed, need to be cleaned up after, and taken on walks. And who is going to do all of that work? Certainly your kids may try, but we all know that you will likely be the one taking on the brunt of the responsibility. Plus, caring for a dog costs money. They need to be fed, vaccinated, see the vet regularly, and be groomed. It's admittedly a major undertaking that not every family may be ready for.

Fortunately, if your kids are relentless about wanting a canine companion, you can soon appease their desire for a pup with Moji the Loveable Labradoodle. Made by Skyrocket, the same company that created the cuddly, interactive hit toy Pomsies, Moji was inspired by Skyrocket CEO and co-founder Nelo Lucich's own pet Labradoodle. By combining the tech Skyrocket's toys are known for and the traits of Lucich's own pet, Moji was born.

Moji is intended for kids ages 4 and up, and gives kids many of the positive benefits of being a dog owner without all of the messy or expensive parts. No shedding. No scooping poop. No vet bills. No groomer visits. (AKA: Nothing else added to your already full plate as a parent.)

Part of what makes dog ownership so much fun is the connection that you and your kids have with your dog. A dog that snuggles up to you on the couch, nuzzles your arm when they want affection, and gives you those adorable puppy dog eyes creates a priceless feeling. With Moji, your kids can get the same loving reactions like they would from an actual dog. But unlike a real dog, you won't have to read Moji's mind to know what he's feeling. Moji uses emojis to communicate his feelings and responds to voice and touch with more than 150 sound-and-motion combinations including tail-wagging and head-tilting.

Your kids can also interact with Moji by teaching up to 10 tricks. Moji can learn tricks like "speak" and "high five" just like an actual dog would. Moji also comes with a two-sided food and water dish, a chew rope, and a grooming brush to enhance the interactive play element. Your kids can care for Moji just like they would an actual dog, but without the consequences that occur when they accidentally forget to feed him or walk him. Because let's face it, no matter how responsible your kid is, they do forget. And then you are stuck doing all of the work.

Moji is soft, cuddly, and downright adorable without all of the not-so-awesome parts of dog ownership. Retailing for right at $100, the cost of Moji is equal to what my own family typically spends on our dog over the course of one regular vet check-up and a month's worth of food. As much as I love our tiny mongrel, having Moji around last year when my kids just couldn't wait another moment to get a new dog may have bought us some time we definitely wanted before getting a new pet.

Moji won't be available for purchase until fall 2020, but once this interactive pet hits the shelves, you can be sure that your kid is going to want to snuggle one ASAP.