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Moms Say This Starbucks Drink Boosts Milk Supply

Moms will do anything to boost their milk supply when breastfeeding demands become too high. Vitamins and supplements claiming to support lactation are not the easiest to choke down on the daily, which leads moms to look for alternatives to increase their milk supply. But what if I told you that Starbucks could be the secret to increasing it? Seriously, moms are saying that this drink from Starbucks is boosting their milk supply, so ditch those supplements and go treat yourself to some Starbs.

Moms across the internet are raving over the Pink Drink, an iced drink on the permanent Starbucks menu, that they're claiming is doing wonders for their milk supply. On Tuesday, Lifehacker was the first to report that some moms attribute their increased milk supply to consuming the pink colored, fruity flavored iced concoction from Starbucks. It is important to note that there is no solid scientific evidence to support that certain foods increase your milk supply, according to Parents, and a healthy diet is always recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

But for moms willing to test the theory that Starbucks can increase their milk supply, they can order the Pink Drink — a drink made up of a Strawberry Acai Refresher mixed with coconut milk. The results are a fruity, creamy, delicious pick me up perfect for any hot summer day or perfect any breastfeeding mama looking to test the theory.

So what about the Pink Drink makes these mothers so full of milk? According to Shape, acai berry and coconut milk are two things that are known to be rich in minerals that support maternal health. But there is no confirmation that these things will actually cause you to produce more milk — so don't go into Starbucks expecting the pink drink to be a magic breast milk elixir and don't be disappointed if there are no changes to your milk supply whatsoever.

"There are a few things we do know for sure: Hydration and stress relief both support lactation," Kathy Cline, RN, MSN, CLC, director of program development and lactation services at Momseze told FitPregnancy, according to Shape. "Sitting down, relaxing for a few minutes, and enjoying a nice cool drink in and of itself is extremely helpful for a breastfeeding mother."

"If you'd like to add the Pink Drink, it can't hurt, especially on days when you can use a mommy boost! Moms report the drink is really delicious, so why not drink something you love that has great benefits?," Cline said.

The Pink Drink is not the only order at Starbucks that moms have claimed to increase milk supply. An off-menu item called an "oatmeal latte," a bowl of oatmeal topped with steamed milk and served with two shots of espresso on the side, has moms raving about its nutritional properties for lactation.

While some moms claim that the Pink Drink and other Starbucks items help boost their milk supply, they don't speak for every mom. Every mother's experience, especially their experience with breastfeeding, is different. If you're super concerned about your milk supply, it is best that you consult with a lactation consultant. But if you're looking for a fun way to treat yourself (and potentially see a change in your milk supply) then give the Pink Drink a go. You deserve it.