This Mom Created Incredibly Spot-On 'Schitt's Creek' Halloween Costumes For Her Bébés

Not even Alexis would say "Ew, David!" to one mom's incredibly spot-on Schitt's Creek group Halloween costumes for her kids. From Moira's sunglasses, David's sweater, and Johnny Rose's iconic eyebrows, every detail of these costumes is worth copying.

Lauren Mancke, a mother of three from South Carolina, tells Romper that she and her husband are huge fans of the Emmy award-sweeping Canadian comedy Schitt's Creek. So much so that they decided to dress their children as the wayward Rose family for a Halloween photo shoot.

"The kids don't watch the show, of course, but we showed them clips to see if they liked it and they were immediately on board." Mancke says, adding that her kids probably didn't "pick up on the nuances" of the Rose family, but any Schitt's Creek fan would beg to differ.

Mancke's 6-year-old son Fox got into character as both Johnny Rose and David Rose, played by real-life father and son Eugene and Dan Levy, respectively, while her 3-year-old twin girls Marigold and Lera dressed as Moira Rose, played by Catherine O'Hara and Alexis Rose, played by Annie Murphy.

Mancke says she split the photo down the middle to give the effect of the Rose family standing together to kick off her annual DIY Halloween costume of the day event and shared it on Instagram. Alexis would really love this journey for them.

Mancke explained in her Instagram post that she initially considered not doing her annual "Mancke Month of Costumes" that she initially began when Fox was just 14 months old, but "just kept thinking ... we just have to do @schittscreek." She added, "As Moira would say and with the vigor of a wartime radio operator, the show must go on!"

The talented mom created the costumes with the help of kids' clothing company Primary.com, who sponsor her costume ideas, but she still got a little creative herself. "I added the lightning bolts to David's sweater," she tells Romper. "And Moira's dress on Marigold is actually a garbage bag." Also please take notice of Johnny Rose' eyebrows. I hope Eugene Levy doesn't feel personally attacked by how perfect they are.

The photo shoot has gone viral and even managed to get the attention of the official Schitt's Creek Instagram page, earning a "brilliant" comment from the show. Sarah Levy, who plays Twyla on the show and is Eugene Levy's daughter, commented with the clapping hands emoji.

This photo shoot kicks off a month of group Halloween costumes that Mancke will post on her Instagram page every day in October. She says looks will include characters from The Princess Bride and even The Mandalorian, which begs the question: Who will dress as Baby Yoda?

While both her daughters love taking part in the Halloween costume extravaganza, Mancke says it's her son Fox who really gets into it. "He's my little crafting buddy, always helping me to come up with ideas for costumes. And he has this uncanny ability to pick up on mannerisms from the characters, too," she says.

Seeing Fox in his dual roles as both Johnny and David Rose is enough to win him his own little Emmy. A wayfaring thespian of Moira Rose proportions.