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The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2020 Will Be Inspired By Movies & Food

by Lindsay E. Mack

Superheroes, trendy foods, and celebrities all have one thing in common: They inspire pet names. So it's likely that the most popular pet names of 2020 will reveal a lot about the pop culture moments, movie franchises, and singers that inspire pet owners in the beginning of a fresh new decade. If you can't become a superhero, the next best thing is owning a dog named after one.

To examine the pet name trends anticipated for the coming year, the pet sitting and dog walker site Rover combined info from its database, as well as survey info, to compile the top pet names for 2019. By reviewing the results for this past year, it's easier to guess which names will rule doggie day cares in 2020. "As you can see from the 2019 trends, we find a lot of inspiration for pet names from what’s around us, whether it's pop culture moments, the newest movies and TV shows or even trendy foods," Kate Jaffe, Pet Trends Expert with, tells Romper. "This year we saw names inspired by everything from health trends — like Keto and Kale — to the musicians we idolize like Lizzo and Taylor Swift, all of which were trending up this year." Basically, whatever people are into at the moment can show up in the way they name dogs and cats.

So what's ahead for the pets of 2020? "We think the top pet names for 2020 will continue to be inspired by our passions," says Jaffe. "I wouldn't be surprised to see more pets named after Baby Yoda given that huge rising fan base, or plant-based foods as restaurants continue to explore that area." Based on Jaffe's insight, and a few best guesses about the coming year, here are some potential top pet names for 2020.



Kryssia Campos/Moment/Getty Images

Pet names based on trendy foods are big at the moment, as Jaffe explained. So plant-based names such as Arugula (or Fennel) might start popping up in pet circles. Honestly, I do love the idea of a cat named Cauliflower.


Baby Yoda

This is one name Jaffe called out specifically for 2020. With the popularity of Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney +, names inspired by these characters will probably peak in the new year. The adorable Baby Yoda is a strong choice.



Big movies are another source of pet name inspo, so this is another likely trend. Debuting in February 2020, the new Sonic movie looks like it'll inspire gaming fans of all ages. At any rate, the revamped title character is much cuter than the one from the original trailers.



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Superhero films are another great place to find naming inspiration. In fact, the name Harley made the top 100 list for both male and female dogs for 2019. The character Harley Quinn's influence will likely keep going strong, perhaps helped out by the pending release of Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) film in February 2020.



2020 kicks off with some seriously witchy vibes, because the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's third season is expected to premier in January. The strong heroine will probably inspire more than a few pet names throughout the year. Naturally, there will probably be a spike in black cats named Salem as well.



Don't underestimate the power of K-Pop. The wildly popular group BlackPink is anticipated to continue their tour into 2020, probably picking up even more fans along the way, according to Vivid Seats. Pet owners may be inspired by Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa when it's time to name a new furry family member.



Of course the Marvel universe will keep expanding into 2020. The new TV series Marvel's Helstrom, which follows a pair of siblings as they track down the worst of humanity, is sure to scare up its share of fans, according to IMDB. Plus, the name Helstrom just sounds really cool.



Fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate this artist into the coming year. First, the singer dropped her own makeup line in December 2019, and Kesha's new album, High Road, is set to debut in January 2020. It looks like 2020 could very well be the year of Kesha, and I'm sure more than a few pet owners will name their own animals after the "Animal" singer.



The pop star — who might soon release a live album based on her Sweetener world tour from this year — also had a pretty impressive impact on dog names. Dogs named Ariana were up by 54% for 2019, so it's likely the name will keep on soaring into 2020. The Thank U, Next singer isn't losing popularity any time soon.



Perhaps inspired by all the recent Keanu-is-a-good-dude memes, this name is also moving back up the ranks. Of course, the upcoming movie Bill and Ted Face the Music will probably boost its popularity even more. Whatever the case, it's a most excellent name.



Carb-based names are another trend, as Jaffe explained. So don't be surprised when a pup named Waffles turns up in your obedience class. Plus, the continuing popularity of Stranger Things and its Eggo-loving heroine — as well as its pending fourth season — may boost this particular name as well. In any event, everyone's favorite stars, series, and songs will continue to influence pet names into 2020.