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These 12 Mother & Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas Are Actually Fun & Unique

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Let's be honest: When you're a parent to young children, part (OK all) of the appeal of Halloween is that you get to dress your kiddo up in the costume of your choosing. After all, my daughter Claire was not an elderly woman at 3 months old because she wanted to be one. But the holiday can also mean some costume fun on your end, especially if your kid is down to pair up with you for a costume theme. If that's the case on your end, then check out these mother and daughter Halloween costume ideas.

Because there's no reason why you shouldn't indulge in a little costume fun too, right? Whether you opt for the hilariously cute Starbucks mermaid logo and baby Frappuccino costumes or go old school with Lucy and Ethel getups, there's bound to be something that will suit you and your little gal. And, really, if there's one thing we know for sure it's this: now is the time to take advantage of her wanting to dress like you because, like the seasons of choosing her Halloween costumes, this one too shall pass.

Ready to decide what will work for the two of you? Check 'em out.

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These colorful unicorn costumes will have everybody seeing double this Halloween, because they’re identical. With unicorn headbands, wings, rainbow tanks, and fluffy skirts, these costumes are beyond magical. You and your little one will have a blast being matching mythical creatures.


Paleontologist & Baby Dino

With its cool cargo shorts (featuring functional pockets!), the Paleontologist costume for adults is perfect for channeling your favorite Jurassic Park scientist.

And there’s no shortage of dinosaur costume for kids this time of year, but the light-up pterodactyl costume is exceptionally fun. Those light-up wings would delight most any child.


Diver & Octopus

It’s two costumes in one. Dress as a diver who’s found an interesting sea creature (AKA your kid) with this clever ensemble. Everything is included, even the octopus hat and flipper shoe covers.



Go fish this Halloween. The adult costume, made from soft velour, features fin-like details on the hands and feet, as well as a foam-filled back fin. The kid’s costume, meanwhile, features a giant mouth you can use to store candies while trick-or-treating.



If your kid is hyped about this sandbox video game, then why not recreate their favorite characters? The adult armor costume has a boxy shape that recreates the game’s graphics, and the kid’s creeper costume... well, just look at the mask.

It’s everything you need to construct your own evening of Halloween fun. With you wearing diamond armor and your kid walking around in Creeper guard, you'll need to watch out for any sudden explosions.


Bee & Beekeeper


Helen & Violet Incredible

Unleash your mommy-daughter super powers by dressing up as the female pair from the hit Disney-Pixar film, The Incredibles. Score an adult Elastigirl costume and a and girls Violet costume (both available at Party City) and the two of you will have all the superhuman energy you need to snag ample amounts of Halloween candy.


Lucy & Ethel

I mean, is there a more iconic gal pal duo? Snag a Lucy costume and pair it with your version of an Ethel outfit (think simple black dress with a collar and a white apron). Or reverse it and have your little one go as Lucy (Claire was indeed a Lucy last year) and you dress up as Ethel. Of course, you could both just wear the pink uniforms made famous in the candy factory episode and stuff your mouths full of chocolate (which, if we're being honest, really sounds like the best option).


Cruella de Vil & A Dalmatian

"The world was such a wholesome place until... " you and your little gal teamed up to be Cruella de Vil and one of the sweet dalmatian puppies she wants to turn into a fur coat. Grab your black-and-white getup and your little one's spotted pooch costume to create an adorable Halloween moment.


Milk & Cookies

Remember the chocolate chip cookie costume (Party City, $24.99) from the Cookie Monster costume idea? Yeah, it can serve double time with this fun mother-daughter collaboration. Have your little one don the milk costume and you dress as a cookie and and voila! A classic pairing.


A Pirate & Her Parrot

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