tea from the munchkin's milkmakers prenatal line
Munchkin's Milkmakers

Now Munchkin's Milkmakers Has A New Line Just For Moms-To-Be

Most parents today know that the word "Munchkin" is more than a term of endearment for their little ones; it's also a brand name associated with best-selling baby products. But now Munchkin is helping moms with their parenting journeys before birth, too. Munchkin's Milkmakers line of prenatal products will help with everyone's most common pregnancy "discomforts" like heartburn, stretch marks, and of course, nausea.

In case you didn't know, Munchkin is also behind Milkmakers, the "leading lactation cookie" brand. The "Munchkin's Milkmakers" line includes prenatal tea, belly balm, and nausea relief drops, all to make pregnancy a little more bearable. And I don't know about you, but I personally loved those Milkmakers lactation cookie bites, which did actually help with my supply, so I'm sure these new products are going to be just as helpful.

About those new products: The new nausea relief drops are made with organic ginger, choline, folic acid, and Vitamin B, and they come in berry and lemon flavors (both organic, kosher, and gluten-free). You can purchase them at Target or on Amazon or for $10 to keep the nausea and general ickiness at bay.

Another soothing option: The caffeine-free, organic Munchkin Prenatal Tea is made with rooibos, lemongrass, red raspberry leaf, ginger and peppermint to help ease queasiness and heartburn (12 reusable biodegradable sachets make 36 cups of tea for just $12). You can find this tea on Amazon, Walmart, and on

And then there's my personal favorite item, the belly balm that kind of looks like a deodorant stick. How genius is this product? You don't have to get your hands sticky and gooey when you rub lotion on your itchy belly, and the balm itself doesn't leave a ton of residue on your belly either. (And man did having an itchy belly suck when I was pregnant.) Head over to Walmart, or get on Amazon or the Munchkin website and grab this glorious stick of shea butter and coconut oil to rub on your belly for $15.

Now in addition to stocking up on Munchkin's many baby products, you can add these new prenatal items to your registry or just throw some in your cart (whether real or virtual).