There's Now A Baby Shark Toothbrush & Yup, It Plays That Song

Just when you thought you had the (admittedly catchy) song out of your head, a new product comes out and you're suddenly humming "do do do do do" all over again. With the new Baby Shark toothbrush, the music won't just be in your head, because it actually plays the cartoon's memorable song while it's being used.

It's understandable if the idea of hearing the Baby Shark song twice a day makes you cringe, but this product may actually be worth it. It's a (cordless) electric toothbrush that's decked out in sensors, "sonic vibration", and a light that serves as an alert to parents to check out how well their little one did with brushing. It comes with two brush heads (one blue and one yellow) with soft bristles and is safe for kids 3-years-old and up.

The little toothbrush also has voice coaching that encourages kids to brush longer to ensure a good cleaning. Pair this smart toothbrush with some fun, tasty toothpaste and you might find that you don't have to remind them to brush every night before bed (isn't having the song stuck in your head a fair trade-off for an easier morning or bedtime routine?).

You can try to fight the YouTube sensation if you want, but it seems easier to just lean into the phenomenon. The catchy tune isn't going anywhere any time soon, so you might as well use it to your advantage. Plus, since you're sacrificing a little bit of sanity for some good dental hygiene, you will get some serious bragging rights the next time you take your kid to the dentist.