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Nick Made A Tough Decision On 'The Bachelor'

One of them had to go and if it wasn’t Raven, the adorable southern belle-type from Arkansas, it would have been Vanessa, the special education teacher who's always had a clear connection with Nick. Either way it was going to be hard to watch but even still, when Nick dumped Raven on The Bachelor, it was downright heartbreaking. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t feel much for Raven until it started to become more apparent that she could be endgame for this Bachelor. It was around the time hometown dates were approaching when I was like, “Hmm, she could work.”

Of course, in the end Nick's heart belonged elsewhere, which led him to choose Vanessa on The Bachelor, breaking yet another heart and making a lot of viewers feel for the genuinely sweet boutique owner from Arkansas. As to be expected, there were tears all around and likely not just because Raven was being dumped, but because obviously the fantasy suite date had meant a lot to her. She was genuinely in love with Nick and in the end, he opted not to be with her. Naturally, it had to sting for the contestant, even if she’s eventually asked to come back and find love on Bachelor in Paradise — which would be kind of amazing if we’re being totally honest here.

Nick sent Raven packing because his feelings for her weren’t strong enough to overcome the love he’d started feeling for Vanessa, so it had to be done. But whoever will soon get the image of Raven’s tears out of their memory must have a stone heart, because it was definitely devastating to watch. Even if you’ve been rooting for Vanessa the entire season, it’s never fun to see someone's heart get shattered, especially when it’s down to the final two.

Nick told Raven that his "journey" with Raven was a lot of fun and that he grew to care about and respect her a lot. But even though he said he grew to have love for Raven, he didn't know if he was in love with her.

Watching these breakups on The Bachelor is never easy, regardless of who is being sent home. Raven has been classy and together for the duration of the season, so I have faith that the strong and capable women will land on her feet. But for right now, it’s almost hard to be happy for Nick and Vanessa while Raven’s heart clearly broke on national television.

Raven was super confident leading up to her elimination on The Bachelor and even said, “I thought I would have doubts, but I don’t. I’m ready for it. More than anything, I am ready.” So being sent home was a big blow to not only Raven, but a lot of viewers too. Especially since Nick said that he had no doubts about her beforehand. Even as Raven walked in to meet with Nick, she was so sure that a proposal was coming, but instead, Nick broke up with Raven and broke literally everyone's hearts.