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Nick Maccarone's Instagram From 'Big Brother' Leaves A Lot To The Imagination

Big Brother 21 has yet to air its first ever live eviction and things are already heating up. Whether you have watched any of the live feeds or not, you have probably noticed the strong alliances taking up half of the house and the floater houseguests who have been caught in the lurch, like Ovi, Cliff, and Kemi. One houseguest who has played his cards right so far, however, is Nick Maccarone. Unfortunately, Nick Maccarone’s Instagram outside of Big Brother won't give you any clues about his game this season. That’s because, like the other Season 21 houseguests who are on the social media platform, his Instagram is still private.

In recent years, Big Brother hasn't interfered or controlled what houseguests post on social media before they get in the house or after they are evicted if they go home. But this season, all of the players who do have Instagram accounts have set theirs to private. It’s still unclear if that is because there are plans for a larger jury this season or if there will be a Battle Back competition for the first few evicted houseguests. But Nick’s Instagram is also private right now, so just in case you thought you’d get some clues about his personal life outside of the show, you are out of luck.

So far, Nick has managed to get himself in a cushy position as far as alliances go. He is essentially in an alliance with almost half of the house and most of the members of the alliance are strong competitors. That means that for the foreseeable future, Nick won't have to worry about Jack, Jackson, or Christie as opponents who don't have his back and that is a beautiful thing. Nick is also working with Sam and almost all of the women in the house. I’m not a firm believer in these huge alliances so early on, but Nick stands to last quite a while if he plays his cards right.

It makes you wonder, then, what Nick is like outside of Big Brother and if his Instagram gives away any clues about his current social game. While his Instagram is private, his Big Brother bio does point to a few clues that might tell viewers why he’s doing so well. Nick is a therapist in real life, so chances are, he knows how to talk to people to not only make them feel comfortable but, if needed, tell them what they want or need to hear. He was also voted as the most talkative in school. If there’s one thing that will help your game on Big Brother, it's talking to the right people and talking enough to prevent yourself from becoming the house leper.

Nick’s Big Brother bio also gives some insight to how he planned to play his game all along. While some players' strategies might go out the window the second they step in the house, Nick seems to still be on his chosen track. His plan going into the house was to "form the best alliance possible," and right now, he has that with a handful of his fellow houseguests.

In the coming weeks, things might change and the current alliances could shift. For now, though, Nick seems to be playing the game he wants to play and it doesn't look like anyone sees him as a clear target. In a perfect world, fans would be able to see what Nick is like outside of the Big Brother world and get an even better idea of how his game might evolve. But because his Instagram is private, fans will have to settle for stalking him on the Big Brother live feeds and watching him on the show three times a week.