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Nick & Raquel Came Face-To-Face On ‘The Bachelor’

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that part of the reason why Nick has kept Corinne around so long on The Bachelor is because he just really wanted to meet her nanny, Raquel. But when Nick met Raquel on The Bachelor during hometown dates, it wasn't exactly what everyone expected. For starters, Corinne's nanny was very protective of her, and also, viewers were finally able to see that there's a lot more to Raquel on The Bachelor than her duties for Corinne and her family.

During hometown dates on The Bachelor, you expect the family of each contestant to be somewhat guarded when it comes to Nick since he could be proposing to any of these women in just a few short weeks. So it definitely wasn't surprising to see how protective Raquel was when she met Nick, especially since she's been in Corinne's life for years.

But getting to meet the famous Raquel is obviously something that not only Nick was excited for, as he said himself as they geared up for hometown dates, but fans were also psyched for the big introduction as well. Corinne has not been shy about talking about her relationship with the nanny/personal assistant/family helper, so obviously that was kind of the best part of her hometown date.

From the beginning, one of the biggest things about Corinne, other than her ability to be so unapologetically herself, was the fact that she has a nanny and she's not ashamed to admit it. Viewers got a quick look at her once during Corinne's intro video at the beginning of the season, but that was it. When Nick met Raquel during Bachelor hometown dates, he got to sit down with her alone and she made it clear how important Corinne is to her and how she's sees her as more of a daughter than anything.

As if everyone didn't already know, Raquel proved to us all how adorable she is and how all she wants is what's best for Corinne. And when it comes to Nick, Raquel didn't have any moon eyes or a veil of awe for the Bachelor, which is so important. Instead, Raquel's talk with Nick proved that Corinne's nanny expects Nick to treat her well and honor the fact that she's now in love with him. And with how serious Corinne is getting about him, that's totally understandable.

Raquel was clear about her love for Corinne as her own daughter and wanting Nick's intentions to be pure, but honestly, it still wasn't enough of Raquel. I want more! Can we get a Raquel spin-off show, please?