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Nicole Tuck's Photos Of Asahd Are Too Cute

by Keiko Zoll

Ever since musician DJ Khaled became a dad in October, the world has been treated to amazing photos of his baby boy, Asahd Tuck Khaled. Fiancée Nicole Tuck is proud to be Asahd's mama, posting plenty of photos to both her and her son's Instagram accounts, because of course their son has his own Instagram. Nicole Tuck's photos of Asahd show that not only is their 8-month-old son ridiculously adorable, but he just might be one of the music industry's best-dressed babies.

Asahd has had his whole life captured on social media, even from his very first moments when he entered the world. Khaled documented his son's birth on Snapchat, including candid images and videos of Tuck in some intense labor. Tuck, to her credit, seemed completely unfazed by her fiancé's snap happy chronicles: She handled both Khaled's giddiness and that whole "birthing a human into the world while my fiancé can't stop posting about it to Snapchat" like a champ. It's a good think Khaled and Tuck go way back, because it's only long-term love that could put up with delivery room antics like a Snapchatted birth.

Apart from being Asahd's mom and Khaled's longtime fiancée, Tuck has launched her own clothing line, ABU Apparel. She's a busy woman, for sure — but still has plenty of time to post adorable photos of her first child looking seriously stylish. Tuck first introduced Asahd to the world for his first Thanksgiving in November.

Barely even a month old, Asahd already had a busy social calendar for his first awards show, as mom Tuck shared a photo of his very first custom tuxedo. DJ Khaled performed with Nicki Minaj at the AMAs 2016, and no regular onesie would cut it for their son. Behold this spectacular baby awards show outfit, complete with silk bow tie and matching hi-tops. Folks, I just can't right now.

Tuck posted a sweet photo of her "two boys sleeping," showing not only just how exhausting it is to be a world-famous music producer and artist, but being a baby, too.

As Khaled's unofficial manager, Tuck knows the drill on how to wrangle the press around her client and fiancé — and appeared to have already coached little Asahd, too.

Nicole Tuck's Instagram has mostly photos of Asahd as a tiny baby, but it's DJ Khaled's son's Instagram account where you can find all his latest exploits and milestones — maintained by his parents, of course. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Asahd just might be the most fiercely fashionable 8-month-old on Instagram right now. I mean, just look at this kiddo: I wish I could be this cool.

It's also clear that Nicole Tuck is a loving and devoted mother to her baby boy, too. Her sweet photos with her son are truly heartwarming. Warning: The following photo might cause your ovaries to explode.

Alright, it's official: DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck's son Asahd is the coolest. Blue Ivy, you've got your work cut out for you.