This Holographic Christmas Stocking Is Your Unicorn-Themed Holiday Dream

Christmas stockings come in all shapes and sizes, but the designs tend to stick to the tried-and-true year after year (Rudolph and holly leaves, etc.). The unicorn lovers of the world have been overlooked by the stocking elves... until now. Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, for a holographic unicorn Christmas stocking has arrived to make your holiday that much more fabulous.

Not to hate on the traditional stocking designs, of course. Those are beautiful, festive, and reflect all the winter colors and symbols we love: red, green, silver, plaid; snowflakes and snowmen, Santas, angels, trees, dogs and deer. Once in a while, you might see an unusual theme, like a nautical anchor stocking or a Western one with leather and fringe. Still, on the whole, the status quo tends to win out.

Who says that Christmas decorations can't be shimmery and rainbow-y instead of tartan and red felt? Why not make this the year you shake things up and add this handmade holographic stocking to your mantelpiece? Created by the Delaware-based Etsy seller Fashionmeme, it's designed to add an extra element of sparkle to your home.

How did iridescent material become a thing, anyway? It's all part of the unicorn trend that's been going on for several years, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Trend forecasters told the paper that it seems to have been inspired by millennials becoming nostalgic for their childhood days of watching My Little Pony, combined with a national craving for fun and magic to counteract the real-world gloominess of hate crimes, violence, and political mudslinging. The shimmering colors of the hologram match perfectly with the mystical beauty of unicorns.

As Fashionmeme owner Laura explained on the site, the stocking material (holographic Spandex and organza) reflects the light in the room, be it a crackling fire on the hearth or the twinkling lights on the tree. The photos on the page include one of the unicorn stocking lying among a string of holiday lights, and sure enough, you would even say it glows. For added bling, the stocking's cuff is trimmed with reflective sequins that would win the approval of any unicorn in the fantasy world.

You might choose to display the stocking as a standout among your traditional reindeer- and snowflake-studded socks along the wall or mantelpiece, or get a set to make a total statement. This might even inspire you to go all out and deck your halls with an all-new color scheme. Imagine the holographic stockings as part of a white-and-silver ensemble that includes a tinsel tree trimmed with blue and white ornaments. Pretty impressive, right?

Customers who've bought the stocking from Fashionmeme give it five stars for both its beauty and for the fast shipping. The site also sells holographic tree ornaments, backpacks, hair accessories, and other assorted fun clothing and decorations.

At this writing, Fashionmeme had only one holographic Christmas stocking left in stock; however, with the holidays not far off, it's likely they'll be making more, so you'd be wise to visit their Etsy store, check the inventory, and find out whether they're taking orders. They do note, however, that they can't personalize these particular stockings because of the nature of the material. But who needs to stitch on a name when the stocking speaks for itself?

If you have children who can't get enough of anything unicorn, or if you're the bling-lover of the house, having this rainbow-hued stocking among your holiday trimmings will help make your season that much more magical. And these days, don't we need all the hope and magic we can get?