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'Grey's Anatomy' Fans On Twitter Have Some Thoughts About Owen & Teddy

Just when you thought Grey's Anatomy had finished up the love triangles for the season, Owen had to go and catch feelings for Teddy yet again. He told Amelia that he chose her over Teddy, but she could see his true feelings were with Teddy, and right now Teddy is with Koracick and having a lot of fun. Owen just has terrible timing and now, Owen is in another love triangle on Grey's Anatomy. Needless to say, fans have taken sides and this is probably going to be a *thing* for the rest of the season.

I don't know when this became The Owen Show, but the Grey's writers are determined to give his love life some kind of resolution. Whether that comes in the form of finally being with Teddy is yet to be determined, but it doesn't look like Koracick is giving her up without a fight. He did say that he loves her, so this thing is pretty legit.

On the other hand, Owen also loves her and has a long history that began well before either of them arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, so eventually, she will have a decision to make. Until then, fans have taken their sides and aren't being quiet about their support for "Towen", a.k.a. Teddy and Owen, or their dislike for Owen altogether.

Some Grey's fans who were anti-Teddy and Owen are still not feeling them as a couple. Many have tweeted that they don't think Owen deserves Teddy after playing with her emotions for so many years. He might be ready and willing to be with her now, but according to some fans, it is too little too late, especially with Koracick around.

Other fans on Twitter are fully embracing the other side of Owen that he showed on Grey's Anatomy tonight. He has been super supportive of Teddy with the baby and lately, he has been there for her every need when Koracick isn't around.

Soon, however, Teddy might make her decision between Owen and Koracick. TVLine recently reported that Abigail Spencer, who plays Owen's sister Megan, will return to the show this season. It's unclear if she knows about the pregnancy or if she's just dropping in for a visit with her brother, but being around her brother and his longtime BFF could create a dynamic that forces Teddy to see Owen as a romantic interest or as her friend only.

At this point, Teddy would probably be happy with either man. Koracick has grown a lot since he started dating her and has gone from that obnoxious and pompous doctor to the sometimes obnoxious guy who dotes on Teddy. It's a cute look and some Grey's fans think so too. Still, you can't ignore Teddy and Owen's history. There is something to be said for the will they/won't they dynamic they have had over the years and the foundation of friendship that could give way to a romantic relationship that lasts longer than 24 hours.

On the plus side, viewers who are anti-Owen can rest easy knowing that things seem to be finished between him and Amelia. As in, no more second and third chances between them now that she has her eyes on Link. That means if Owen and Teddy do get together and end this new love triangle, there's less of a chance of Owen running back to Amelia if things get hard. You know, like he has become known for doing.

Owen's new love triangle probably won't be resolved until closer to the end of the season, but as of right now, Grey's fans are pretty split on who they want Teddy to end up with.