Monty Brinton/CBS

Paul On 'Big Brother 18' Without A Beard Looks Like A Completely Different Person

Big Brother 18 has only been on for a week, but the houseguests are each starting to have "their thing" they're known for. You know, like Tiffany is apparently going incognito with a hat and sunglasses half the time, or James has his pranks, and Jozea has his... Jozea-God-likeness. Of course, I have to give a shout out to my guy Paul and his crazy beard, but what if I told you there is proof of what Paul on Big Brother looks like without a beard? That's right — he wasn't always the tatted up rocker with a beard to make Santa Claus jealous. Aside from his tattoos, Paul's beard on Big Brother 18 is slowly becoming his identifying physical characteristic, and I can't even be mad at that.

But Paul without a beard is like a totally different person. In fact, you kind of have to read and reread his Instagram caption to make sure he's showing a photo of himself pre-hella facial hair and not the un-bearded photo of a friend or relative. But it's definitely Paul, cleaned up and actually still cute, if a little immature looking. He says it himself in the caption, "Just in case you were curious about how I looked before I joined the #themanclub."

Paul from Big Brother without a beard isn't the only house guest whose facial hair proves what a difference it can make between looking like a baby-faced and reasonably attractive guy and a totally sexy man. Now, I'm not throwing shade on guys who can't grow beards to the same magnitude as Paul's or who choose to go clean shaven, but it has to be said - a good beard makes a huge difference.

Just look at Paulie, the other Big Brother Paul of this season. When he came into the house, he was like the blonde and adorable guy you would definitely give a second glance to. But now that he hasn't had a chance to shave, he's transformed into the blonde and hot guy you wouldn't wait to have ask you for your number and would be totally abrasive with instead. Paulie hasn't always been clean-shaven, as his Instagram suggests too, and there is currently no social media evidence of any long and scruffy beard of his past, but just a little stubble and fuller facial hair makes a boy into a man.

Paul on Big Brother without a beard is a scary thought, and like us, his fellow houseguests would likely find the guy unrecognizable. Basically, the best hope for Big Brother 18 is for Paul to keep his full and luscious beard and for Paulie to keep growing his out. I know, it's not even No Shave November, but for some guys, a beard or facial hair makes a seriously huge difference, and for all of the Pauls of the Big Brother universe, let's consider that to be double true.