Paulie & Da'Vonne Fight In The 'Big Brother' Jury & It Got Very Heated

When Natalie joined the jury house this week, we expected her to get into her showmance with James and everything that went down with that, but we got so much more in the way of drama. So when Paulie and Da'Vonne got into a fight in the Big Brother jury house, there was likely a collective cheer and standing ovation from viewers everywhere. The whole issue with Paulie started long before the jury house, but the only difference now is that Da'Vonne and the rest of the houseguests have nothing to lose by standing up to him and pointing out all of the wrongdoings he's guilty of. And when things got super heated between Paulie and Da'Vonne, it was like all of her problems with him had finally come bubbling to the surface. And Paulie, being so very Paulie-like, had to egg her on, all the while smirking and firing back at her.

Okay, so he's totally allowed to stick up for himself, but at the last leg of his time in the house, Paulie's game on Big Brother was all about himself, despite being in a showmance with Zakiyah. All Da'Vonne did was call him out on all of it.

This particular fight in the jury house started when Michelle reminded everyone that Paulie didn't use his power of veto to help Zakiyah when they were in the Big Brother house together, which is true. And once Paulie opened his mouth in reply, it was over. Da'Vonne was ready to call him out for everything she'd been disliking about him when they were in the Big Brother house.

After Da'Vonne and Paulie's fight on Big Brother, which was pretty legendary, it was hard not to love everything about it. Paulie supporters loved the fact that he wasn't backing down, and Da'Vonne supporters felt that her confrontation with Paulie was a long time coming. And whether you like him or hate him, it kind of was.

The fight between Paulie and Da'Vonne has even brought out Paulie fans, who were likely hiding under several large rocks since his eviction from the Big Brother house.

Regardless of who was right in the fight between Paulie and Da'Vonne in the jury house on Big Brother, it was one of those fights that will go down in Big Brother history. You know when the producers and staff are brought in to break it up, that it's serious. But also, the heated fight proved that you don't want to cross Da'Vonne, like ever, and that Paulie will appear just as cocky and self-assured regardless of the situation.