Paulie & Zakiyah Showmance Gifs On 'Big Brother 18' That Prove There's A Connection

In Sunday's episode of Big Brother 18, there was some focus on the new budding showmances, but noticeably absent was the total love affair going on between Paulie and Zakiyah. Or, you know, Zaulie, as fans have come to know them as. So it's only natural that there are tons of gifs of Paulie and Zakiyah from Big Brother to make you love them and hate them for their adorable sexiness that is somehow an actual combination. The actual episodes of Big Brother may be skimping on the Zaulie love, but the live feeds are a whole other story, in that they actually tell the story of Paulie and Zakiyah and regularly show their showmance.

It was kind of perfect that two of the hottest houseguests should be so close to ending up together, but Paulie and Zakiyah together is like the relationship you didn't know you needed and now you can't let it go. Like, when one of them gets voted off before the other, it's going to be heartbreaking for us all. It's hard to say when it started exactly, but of the almost 30 days that the contestants have been int he Big Brother house, it definitely feels like the majority of them were spent with Paul and Zakiyah warily feeling the other one out and then just going for it.

The Paul and Zakiyah gifs from Big Brother tell the story of Zaulie's showmance that needs to be told on the show and not just shown on the live feeds. At this point, it's not just the showmance we want, but the showmance we need.

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If it wasn't enough that Paulie and Zakiyah have to be cute and sweet together, they have to be all sexy and stuff to make us feel like slobs as we watch them in our pajamas. Then again, the alternative sort of couple wouldn't be as fun to follow and root for, so they have a point. But the way Zaulie is so affectionate with each other, playing with each other's hair or absentmindedly stroking the other's arm shows that the showmance between them isn't just about two really really ridiculously good looking people getting together and hooking up.

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Look, fans don't give a nickname to just any couple, so let's consider the name Zaulie to be confirmation that the showmance between Paulie and Zakiyah on Big Brother is the real deal that we need to see more of like now. We can hope and speculate all we want over possibilities like Natalie and James or Nicole and Corey, but finally, we have what can very well be a legit showmance on Big Brother 18, so let's just revel in it.