Monty Brinton/CBS

Paulie's Comments About Sex With Zakiyah Are Disgusting & Prove That He Has To Go

When Zakiyah was put up on the block for eviction and her showmance partner, Paulie, won the Power of Veto and refused to use it to save her, you would think that would deter her. When he made her feel guilty for being jealous of his flirtations, she still stayed on. And even now, after she was evicted, Zakiyah still has loyalty toward Paulie. Regardless, Paulie's comments about sex with Zakiyah on Big Brother were disgusting, uncalled for, and just added to the perceived awfulness that is Paulie right now. Like seriously buddy, you're doing nothing to help yourself in the house when your devoted Big Brother girlfriend leaves and one of the first things you do is talk about all of the sex you allegedly had with her.

Obviously we knew to some extent that Paulie and Zakiyah had sex on Big Brother, but that's also none of our business and if we need to watch the live feeds closely, examining every night vision scene and movement under some blankets, that's a little much. And it would be different if Zakiyah was still in the house to defend and stick up for herself, but let's be real. Even if she was still in the house, Paulie's comments about sex with Zakiyah would still be out of line. I totally get dishing to your friends, but Paulie was talking openly, rudely, to anyone and in this case, that also includes America. So, just no.

Despite Zakiyah assuring the world that she is still rooting for Paulie, he was in the Big Brother house shortly after she left, insisting that she somehow betrayed him and as a result, what does Paulie do? Being totally sane and not at all aggressive (so much sarcasm), he proceeds to talk about every room he and Zakiyah had sex in in the Big Brother house, as well as how many times they slept together while in their showmance. After she was voted out of the house, Paulie even bragged about having sex with her the night before, and none of that should matter. Like, at all.

Showmances happen on Big Brother all of the time, and as fans, we pretty much love the sort of drama and sometimes cuteness that comes along with them. But seeing Paulie spend an entire night degrading the women of the house, along with the other half of his showmance right after she was evicted is disgusting. He also apparently had to go on about whether or not he and Zakiyah used protection while having sex, which is so nobody's business either way.

Right now, we can feel sorry for Paulie all we want, but the fact of the matter is that these newfound tears popping up on the Big Brother live feeds were nowhere to be seen when Zakiyah woke him up in the middle of the night because she was so sad and stressed about their relationship and obviously upset. And he didn't seem to have any tears when Zakiyah had to leave the house. He didn't even kiss her, supposedly out of respect for their families watching, but um, hey Paulie guess what? Talking about sex with Zakiyah on the live feeds is kind of worse.

Paulie's comments about sex with Zakiyah on Big Brother are awful and haven't done a thing to help his game. They just prove that now, more than ever, he's got to go.