Peeps X Crocs Are Here Because Everything Is Better With Peeps On Top

Two of the more divisive things on this earth (not counting black licorice or pineapple on pizza) are marshmallow Peeps and Crocs clogs. Whether or not you’re a fan of the slip-on shoe and the spongy Easter candy (delicious, in my opinion), I have news that you probably didn’t see coming: the two brands just revealed a limited-edition Peeps x Crocs collection and it’s just as colorful and springy as you’d imagine (that is, if you could ever dream up such an unexpected pairing).

The collab includes Crocs’ Classic Clog style (their most “generous, roomy fit” per the company’s website) in three fun, bold colors: Electric Pink, Electric Blue, and Lemon. Three (inedible) Peep-shaped charms, known as Jibbitz, can be plugged into the shoe’s ventilation holes, which make it look like little chicks are perched on your feet. It's really quite cute, and also a little bizarre.

My favorite thing about Peeps is their sugary texture, and the shoes are also coated to give them a grainy, almost glittery look. This limited-edition collab is available in men’s, women’s, and kids' sizes, and it bears mentioning that the kid's shoes, which retail for $40 and only come in yellow, include just one Peep Jibbitz, which is non-removable (unlike the adult-sized Jibbitz) so it can't fall out (and honestly, a big thank-you to the kind designer who did their part to help parents everywhere avoid lost-Peep-related-meltdowns).

For anyone who isn't ready to fully commit (or if they're my fiancé and already own multiple pairs of Crocs... ) there are individual Peep charms also available that can be added to any of the brand's classic shoes.

The only connection I can draw here is that Easter is considered a holy day, and Crocs are considered a holey shoe, but regardless of how this collab came to light, I'm here for it. Any Easter basket gets quirkier and more cheerful when it's filled with a pair of Peeps x Crocs.