peeps pancake mix & skillet set

Anybody Can Make Perfect Bunny Pancakes With The Peeps Pancake Set

There’s nothing like a holiday to bring out your inner Iron Chef. It’s hard to resist the temptation to make food that matches the season; after all, if you go on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll see perfectly photographed snacks and desserts and everything else for every imaginable holiday. For example: Why make round pancakes at Easter time when you can make bunny-shaped pancakes with the new Peeps Pancake Mix & Skillet Set? They're sure to make your little bunnies very hoppy on Easter morning.

If you’re like most of us, (who can barely manage to make a somewhat circular pancake), trying to make an animal-themed pancake is kind of beyond our culinary capabilities. And no one has time to start carving a cute little bunny out of pancake. That’s what makes this skillet so awesome — you’re guaranteed perfectly shaped bunnies every time. Every time.

The frying pan itself measures seven inches tall by a little over four inches wide, which means you’ll get a fairly decent-sized pancake. But the Peeps kit only comes with enough mix to make about six buttermilk pancakes. So if you’re looking to feed a crowd, you’ll need to have extra batter on hand.

Which brings up the biggest question of all: Do the pancakes actually taste like Peeps? Sadly, no, which could be a bad thing or a good thing, depending on your palette for Peeps. Of course, you could always chop up some parts to put in the pancakes for flavor and authenticity. Just be sure not to put the heads in, because, well, nightmares. Remember, it’s one thing for your kid to willingly bite the head off of a Peep, and quite another to discover an ear or an eyeball as he’s putting a piece of pancake in his mouth. And if there’s no time for slicing and dicing so early in the a.m., you can just plop a few Peeps on the plate with the pancakes and call it a day.

So if you’re not a culinary creative type, this pancake set will give you major bragging rights. Just a word of advice, my peeps: try not to burn the bunny pancakes — or a breakfast brawl might break out.