Oh Dear! 'Peppa Pig' Is Releasing An Album For Kids With 16 Songs

Peppa Pig has been dominating children's television for years, captivating young viewers with her wit, sass, and hilarity. But now the tiny but mighty, cartoon character is taking on a new domain — the music industry, aiming to edge out kids classics like "Baby Shark." News broke this week that Peppa Pig is releasing an album for kids called My First Album and, guys, it includes a catchy hit called "Bing Bong Zoo," so you know it's going to be amazing. Peppa's first album will be released next month, so prepare to be singing along with your kiddos by summer's end.

Entertainment One (eOne) announced this week that Peppa Pig's first album will be released on July 19, but good news — fans can pre-order the album online today and will be rewarded for doing so. You'll be able to instantly download "Bing Bong Zoo," which is sure to be the song of the summer... at least as far as little kids are concerned.

My First Album will feature a total of 16 songs, some of which are extended versions of songs kids already know and love from the show Peppa Pig. Classics like "Bing Bong Zoo," "Rainbow, Rainbow," and "Jumping in Muddy Puddles," composed by Julian Nott, are among the listed tracks along with some fresh songs by Paul Moessi. Peppa herself, voiced by Harley Bird, sings most of the tracks on the album, but George Pig and the rest of her family and friends are also featured.

To amp up the excitement, Peppa Pig also released the music video for "Bing Bong Zoo," which you can enjoy with (or without) your kids below.

Peppa Pig is beloved for a number of reasons, but its inclusivity is one of the big draws. Peppa Pig recently made headlines for the show's diverse cast of characters after introducing viewers to Mandy Mouse, a character who uses a wheelchair. Mandy Mouse was introduced on the show via Peppa's teacher, Madame Gazelle, as a new student at school, rolling into the room and quickly stealing the hearts of parents and children.

Additionally, after more than 17,000 people signed a petition on Care 2 calling for the show to add a same-sex parent family to the show, a spokesperson for Entertainment One, the production company behind Peppa Pig, told Romper in a statement they "receive lots of feedback from viewers about the show and will take this suggestion on board for future episodes." The show has not yet added a same-sex parent family to the cast, but the statement went on to say that the production company is "keen to have a wide range of characters as possible that all children can relate to," which seems evident with the addition of Mandy Mouse.

Peppa Pig isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well embrace it and the show's catchy bops, like "Bing Bong Zoo." As many parents can agree, the show is a delight to watch and teaches kids important lessons. With that said, Peppa's music is sure to do more of the same. Don't miss Peppa's My First Album when it releases next month on July 19.